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Re: Anyone willing to take on the challange?     10/15/2017
@mdizzle:   IQ also does not convert to common sense.  A friend from high school was the... More »
Re: Grocery lines     10/15/2017
@Annie:  Seriously?  Two major supermarkets were flooded and you're complaining about lines at t... More »
Re: This evening’s foreplay...     10/14/2017
Where is the foreplay???  That's the reason I opened this thread!   ;PMy father used to keep a cou... More »
Re: Federal subsidies to Obamacare insurers to stop     10/14/2017
@cador:  I have no problem with someone adding clarification to a post. I started this thread to ... More »
Re: when another man calls you baby?     10/13/2017
In south Louisiana, it was common for a woman to call a man "cher" (pronounced just like Cher the "c... More »
Re: No Bra Day - who’s celebrating?     10/13/2017
@donnatella: Just keep in mind that if you suddenly turn around fast, you may take out anyone stan... More »
Re: Federal subsidies to Obamacare insurers to stop     10/13/2017
@sweetie: Only the poor get assistance from the subsidies to the insurance companies. ... More »
Federal subsidies to Obamacare insurers to stop     10/13/2017
Most people don't know that the ACA includes federal payments to the insurance companies to cover an... More »
Re: Will Kelsey Reopen In Kingwood?     10/13/2017
I agree that I hope they reopen and soon.  They recently spent a lot of money updating and revising... More »
Re: Energy Drinks     10/13/2017
@ZMAN:  I don't know about that. Constantly drinking high caffeine drinks could raise your blood ... More »
Re: Spray on Radiant Barrier     10/12/2017
@SwaggyG: When we replaced all of our exterior wood with Hardy plank, that included the soffit and... More »
Re: Clinton in serious back pedal mode!     10/12/2017
Like Jimmy Carter, both Bushes, and even Bill Clinton, it's time for Hillary and the Obamas to step ... More »
Re: "the Kingwood Crud"     10/12/2017
@ZMAN:   Close! ... More »
Re: No, no, no...not yet!     10/12/2017
We haven't put up a tree or decorations for years.  Our kids are 31 and 29 with no grandchildren (y... More »
Re: Venison Samwich     10/12/2017
@FoFa:  I wish Americans would accept that horse and mule meat are very lean and much healthier t... More »
Re: "the Kingwood Crud"     10/12/2017
@sweetie: I suspect you're right.  Normal Fall pollen plus mold and fungus from the flood. ... More »
Re: Venison Samwich     10/12/2017
@sweetie: I love deer, elk, and alligator.  Never had a chance to try moose, but I'm sure I would... More »
Re: Lamb of God School on 1960 Warning     10/12/2017
@Traveler500:  I second that recommendation.  My wife used to work there as the Science ... More »
Re: Dickies on Northpark     10/12/2017
@buffaloglenn:  That's what I heard.  They lost their funding before they ever opened.  Of cour... More »
Re: hot shot recommendations to.Hoama LA     10/11/2017
@princecharming:   Just make sure you spell it Houma, not Hoama. ... More »

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