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Re: Self checkout lanes are garbage     01/22/2017
@beadweaver:  Just a reminder, there are people employed to make/assemble/install/maintain those ... More »
Power outage in Greentree     01/22/2017
Power went out about 2:30, just came back on.  We have a generator but both cable and internet were... More »
Re: Damnit! Murphys Law.     01/22/2017
@TXtransplant:  We now have proof that you have a thick skull!    :smile:I hop... More »
Re: Self checkout lanes are garbage     01/22/2017
My wife only uses the self-checkout when she only picks up a few items.  For regular grocery shoppi... More »
Re: Kingwood Youth Lacrosse     01/21/2017
I enjoy watching Lacrosse, especially college level.  It amazes me how hard and how accurate they c... More »
Re: Roofing company     01/21/2017
Wesco replaced our roof several years ago and they did a good job.  They also did a good job of pro... More »
Re: TDS Meter     01/21/2017
Not many places appear to stock them, but they can order them.  Amazon Prime has them. You might tr... More »
Re: WARNING!     01/20/2017
Good call!  Our country is divided in so many ways already, we don't need to add to it.... More »
Re: Ivanka's white suit is stunning!     01/20/2017
@WskyTngoFxtrt:  Damn straight!  I've worked long and hard to get that title and I'm not giving ... More »
Re: AMERICA IS GREAT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!     01/20/2017
@TexasOma:  I'm holding my applause until he actually does something good.I bought in on the HOPE... More »
Re: Ivanka's white suit is stunning!     01/20/2017
@TexasOma:  White pants suits can't come close to upstage what Ivanka is wearing!  I'm having in... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     01/20/2017
Three winners!@farrellThe Village Thrift More »
Re: What Trump is; what Trump isn't     01/20/2017
@Veritas@ZMANYes, a president is a leader, but he cannot know it all.  Let's just hope Trump surrou... More »
Re: MESSAGE TO OLD PEOPLE     01/20/2017
Neither my wife or I have ever considered dyeing the gray.  Sometimes, I let my beard grow for a we... More »
Re: Write Your Own Country Song     01/19/2017
@TheTruthHurts:  And don't forget your momma, your dog, your truck, and your broken heart from yo... More »
Re: ATM WTF     01/19/2017
@BooBear:  Different definition fot ATM? ... More »
Re: ATM WTF     01/19/2017
@ChristineHodson:  That's not unusual!  You should have seen the shopping cart thread. ... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/18/2017
A special dessert for some of our special KDC ladies!... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/18/2017
Q:  What is this?A:  A manuel transmission... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/18/2017
Yankee fashion... More »

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