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Tuesday's Contest Winner     07/25/2017
Congrats, Ann!!! ... More »
What are they building, you know??     07/25/2017
Another walk in clinic? Lol... More »
We will soon be free to delete our posts. - thanks Joe!     07/25/2017
Delete is really not needed and provides only false security. The internet never forgets either way.... More »
This could be a bad thing...     07/25/2017
Never tried their mac but I'm a huge fan of their chicken soup. ... More »
Important KDC Info - Please Read     07/25/2017
I hope nothing gets deleted. Years ago when the "chicks, man" thread disappeared it was a very sad ... More »
I so wish HOA's enforced its own rules     07/25/2017
@Ruger5: This seemed more of the case in my old neighborhood after having to mail checks to ... More »
Please don't pet the monkey     07/25/2017
Walking around in a public store seems like bad judgement on the part of the owner....but then again... More »
Important KDC Info - Please Read     07/25/2017
@BooBear: Elitist. Lol... More »
OMG! BooBear is trying to kill me!     07/22/2017
@herron1345: [img][/img]... More »
huh??     07/22/2017
I wonder if slapping would make that bigger...? Lets hope not. ... More »
Panhandlers all over KW.     07/20/2017
Next time tap tap tap him with your bumper ... More »
Today my be...........get RAY day for some reason     07/20/2017
@Ray: Have them leave all info in the appropriately marked container: [img] More »
Need items for metal detector training     07/20/2017
@Retired_Engineer: I thought this as well. One could buy a box of small nuts, screws or eve... More »
A dont buy product     07/20/2017
@FoFa: Me too! The one I bought was an aerosol version and my dog loved it. It was as if i... More »
Lesbos Riot     07/20/2017
If I was an editor there's no way I could resist having some creative fun with this headline. ... More »
Lesbos Riot     07/20/2017
Here's a screenshot. 😜 [img] More »
Saw this snake in my backyard just now     07/19/2017
@buffaloglenn: Even if it was I would think Kingwood's giant police force of 3 would have be... More »
Saw this snake in my backyard just now     07/19/2017
@crawdaddct: Tends to prefer chill locations and music as well ... More »
Red Apron     07/19/2017
A parody of Blue Apron. Funny. More »
Old people realize motorcycle accidents hurt     07/19/2017
@FoFa: Does having a rotated mounting axis change the balance of the bike at all? Slightly ... More »

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