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Roofing company     01/21/2017
Wesco. They did mine and I was a nothing but pleased. Also the best priced... and I took (5) lo... More »
Madonna     01/21/2017
@lcoupert: It really bothers me of not just the double standard but also when people use the... More »
Raffa's vs. Amedeo's     01/20/2017
Raffas has a better filet; I really like their mushroom/shallot glaze that it's served with. Ame... More »
hey kingwoodians     01/17/2017
@princecharming: Hola! ... More »
My favorite.     01/17/2017
@herron1345 For you. :) [img] More »
No Sugar....     01/16/2017
....tonight... Oh well, always tomorrow. :) More »
My favorite.     01/16/2017
@AuthorMan: Love me some Three Dog Night. And I've been to Oklahoma. :) https://m.... More »
My favorite.     01/16/2017
@farrell He also sang that song in a movie; "heart like a wheel," the Shirley Muldowney story... More »
My favorite.     01/16/2017
And a last. I'd love to hear from anyone that knows this artist... :) More »
My favorite.     01/16/2017
And another. More »
My favorite.     01/16/2017
.... For years I've been posting music on this forum and never shared my fav. Here ya go; bl... More »
Barnes & Noble     01/15/2017
Employee defected to Amazon. ... More »
Favorite local Mexican restaurant....     01/15/2017
Pueblo Viejo in Porter. Still my favorite although they lifted my corporate visa and ran it up. ... More »
Tommy James and ....     01/15/2017
@friday1: Love Crimson and Clover. Joan Jett also did a decent cover of that back when. Sam... More »
Tommy James and ....     01/15/2017
Thanks:) 1967. Love this era. .... Aside from fat analog; a great rhythm gtr, a first gen M... More »
Tommy James and ....     01/15/2017
The Shondells. Imo best version of this song. Was remade in the 80s but didn't nearly have tha... More »
Trey Gowdy - Representative SC (R)     01/15/2017
Trey is phenomenal; he buries opposition with well thought out fact and logic. As said above his ... More »
VN 'Wich Place on Northpark     01/14/2017
Saw yesterday; still setting up. That is a big seating area....seems much for a limited menu san... More »
enjoy a little etta jones     01/13/2017
That was nice. Thanks ... More »
VN 'Wich Place on Northpark     01/12/2017
@QueenB: The family that owns the dry cleaners owns that center. The son works at the clean... More »

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