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We've come a long way in America...     11/15/2016
@ProblemAgain: My TV is off 20 out of 24 hours. I was making a generalized statement that ba... More »
We've come a long way in America...     11/15/2016
America and the world was just as crazy then as it is now....we just didnt have media pointing it ou... More »
Soooo whatcha fixin to eat for tonight??     11/15/2016
Dennys if I can win.....😂😂😂😂... More »
Re: Is censuring posts?     11/14/2016
Like to say public Alert... PitBull attack is a bit fear mongering. How about public alert *dog ... More »
Re: Is censuring posts?     11/14/2016
@KingwoodDotCom: She may have tried to paste a link....I know from my phone I cant copy an... More »
Re: need to rehome sweet dog due to health issues     11/14/2016
@BooBear: Man.....well I gotta go move you off my hard ass list onto my has a ... More »
Is censuring posts?     11/14/2016
People also need to know the difference between dog to dog aggression and dog to human aggression. T... More »
President elect Trump vs then President elect Obama     11/14/2016
What you guys are witnessing is a generation of our country that are for once being told no and not ... More »
Too late .... you've poisoned the well     11/14/2016
[img][/img]... More »
All I have to say....     11/13/2016
@sweetie: :laugh: :puke: ... More »
Kingwood lake apartments     11/13/2016
Cant blame people for looking....kingwood rent homes are ridiculous. Asking 1700 for 1500 sq foot ho... More »
Re: Kingwood lake apartments     11/13/2016
@jpm: This is not a fair review. I have heard awful things so I went and checked it out. O... More »
Plans for The Wall start to materialize     11/12/2016
@ET: I dont think so. Yes they will still try and some will make it but it will be really ha... More »
Plans for The Wall start to materialize     11/11/2016
@Spork: :laugh: ... More »
I found an honest ELECTRICIAN !!     11/11/2016
I should try this method I know this really cool, honest, loyal chick that sells the best essen... More »
Hate black friday shopping     11/11/2016
I stay home, shop online where its safe and the sales are just as good!!!... More »
So sad this stuff goes on     11/11/2016
@Fallon: I didnt really care for our choices but omg these people. Wednesday morning s... More »
So sad this stuff goes on     11/10/2016
Straight from bush's fault to trumps...totally skipped obamas fault, the one actually in charge righ... More »
Missing girl from Splendora     11/06/2016
If you are talking about this one, she is with the Lord now. More »
School Cancels Mock Election Because Some Kids Shouted Trump’s Name     11/06/2016
@Metro07: Not elementary. They can learn politics later know after they learn 2 plus... More »

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