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Pit bull Attack on National News     01/04/2017
@BooBear: Not that I owe an explanation....😜 but enzo has a skin condition that flairs up... More »
Pit bull Attack on National News     01/04/2017
This one isnt talking to me [img] More »
Pit bull Attack on National News     01/04/2017
Glad I still have my face cause I tortured my dogs this week...😂 [img]https://www.kingwoo... More »
Kingwood DQ Is Officially Open     12/31/2016
@KingwoodDotCom: Gift card contest soon...... :laugh: ... More »
2017     12/30/2016
Slow down we have 2 more days....well more like one in a half but aint over till its o... More »
Why are so many people fooled by Trump?     12/30/2016
Was looking for more popcorn and landed this gem and thought I would add more fuel to the fire inste... More »
Why are so many people fooled by Trump?     12/29/2016
Almost 5 pages in 3 hours. You guys are rock'n it!!! [img] More »
Traffic?     12/24/2016
@herron1345: Same here.... Rogue One, Merry Christmas to you too! ... More »
Traffic?     12/24/2016
@ET: Preplanned by out of town family. ... More »
Traffic?     12/24/2016
You guys are useless!!!! LOL Now we get to sit at the tavern an hour early..... :laugh:... More »
Traffic?     12/24/2016
Have a 3 o clock movie at much time we need from kingwood. Whats the traffic around th... More »
Has anyone donated a car?     12/24/2016
Yes they usually donate them in my driveway and leave the title in my mail box. PM me for my addy.... More »
For all the lost dogs in HKA area...     12/22/2016
@buffaloglenn: Because some people research deeper than first studies. You can start here ... More »
For all the lost dogs in HKA area...     12/22/2016
@buffaloglenn: About 20 years ago, I came with in minutes of losing a dog that got his t... More »
I just figured out     12/21/2016
Almost 7 years I have yet to block one person on here. Its stupid. ... More »
Baby eaten alive by Giant rats     12/21/2016
When I get one bigger than my thumb in my house from the green belt Im torching the place trying to ... More »
We can't work but we CAN line up all night for free stuff     12/21/2016
I dont care for free loaders either but after a few years of seeing really bad things happening to r... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
My oldest age 24 has a few. Music notes behind one ear.. Its kind of cute and small. Outline of T... More »
Classifieds question     12/20/2016
Sorry alleymansfield Small businesses or networking are pretty much screwed in the advertisment... More »
I have a confession to make     12/20/2016
Get an instant pot....yup, they do eggs too....shells fall right off!... More »

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