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Re: Anti-Trump movement is getting desperate     06/06/2016
The reality version of virtual reality ignore. [img] More »
Re: My friends /neighbors need help.     06/06/2016
@donnatella: only a stranger to you...just because you dont know her doesnt mean others dont. ... More »
Roof Repair     06/06/2016
@lola: Yes yes and yes Just did my whole roof last week. Him and his crew had the whole... More »
Anti-Trump movement is getting desperate     06/05/2016
[img][/img]... More »
It's a little damp here in Texas     06/04/2016
@ET: :laugh: ... More »
Why does the WHOLE family have to attend?     06/03/2016
Maybe love and support. Maybe a close call ontime for family event. Maybe they are gonna do lunch. I... More »
Just got my Costco fix and came down hamblen road     06/01/2016
Typically it only gets a few inches into the first garage floor. This is the first time since 94 it ... More »
P.S. This after he has affair!     06/01/2016
@Stealth83: Thats really mean. She doesnt need to air it and its not the first time she ha... More »
What would you do if husband called you a "whore?"     06/01/2016
People treat you the way you allow them to. First time he would get a warning. Second time I wou... More »
HISD Parents Want Answers From Board     05/31/2016
Come to think of it, can we lynch mob suddenstink on a kingwood facebook live.? :laugh:... More »
HISD Parents Want Answers From Board     05/31/2016
@BusyMommy: Go to your facebook and then the facebook...its live now but my sud... More »
It feels like school should be out....     05/31/2016
@bubbleyes72: My 11yr old does lots of picking up. She does the dishwasher. She is in charge... More »
Re: Flooding     05/31/2016
Thought we peaked at 59 last month. Different sites have different peaks for some reason. But Im not... More »
Re: Flooding     05/31/2016
@Maisey1: That theory could possibly explain the difference in 94 and now but not the diffe... More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
@MarT: My parents are off trinity. It never got higher than their street. Even last month.... More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
@HoofHearted: I was trying to but it wouldnt let me... See picture 2 for this weekend is w... More »
I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/31/2016
@dotti573: That was my thought too but I looked all day and everyone and every site say th... More »
I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/31/2016
Some body needs to rethink this enclosure. [img] More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
@Maisey1: Pulled my info off harris county flood district archived history levels. Maybe t... More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
Correction. We actually peaked at 66.72 in 1994... More »

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