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tooth infection /dentist question     08/06/2016
@foxymama: Its really hard to research them as their criminal records unless they lose their... More »
Re: tooth infection /dentist question     08/05/2016
@JerryJustice: Its better than nothing. Personally I use holistic means on top of traditiona... More »
Re: tooth infection /dentist question     08/05/2016
@GoldenGirl: I had one bad enough he didnt want to wait but he gave me a shot of antibiotics... More »
tooth infection /dentist question     08/05/2016
@JerryJustice: If he pulled it while infected without having her on antibiotics it can enter... More »
tooth infection /dentist question     08/05/2016
@princecharming: A little late to back track and find a new dentist. Make sure she files a c... More »
Classified ads are good for two things     08/03/2016
@frebu: Just asking....people are always picking at the classifieds or making fun of people ... More »
Classified ads are good for two things     08/02/2016
@frebu: So how much extra money did you make today while making fun of someones typos ... More »
Worst Movie You Have Seen     08/02/2016
Open water in 2003 2 hours of the longest NOTHING movie. And it was my pick that night so to thi... More »
Wtf Suddenlink!     08/02/2016
Congratulation are already pissing off the next generation! :laugh:... More »
Wtf Suddenlink!     08/02/2016
Suddenlink sucks so bad even my kid 2 years ago age 9 wrote them a practice letter during language. ... More »
Kingwood Teen Busted With Shrooms     07/31/2016
I got a month and 2 days older in less than 3 hours!!!! Crap :laugh: (my last post was ma... More »
Which KDC personality...     07/29/2016
Ok I see how it is...I made no ones list! I hate you all You all suck :laugh: ... More »
Buying school supplies     07/28/2016
Oh my goodness. Is it time for school already? As a homeschool mom I dont keep up. Didnt those babie... More »
Bury your head     07/28/2016
@yankeejessica: I just lay on my tin foil cot compliments of everyone who said I was crazy a... More »
No visible American Flags being waived at the DNC     07/26/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Good Honest....     07/25/2016
Screen shooting all this but no one has given me winning lotto numbers yet.... :laugh:... More »
Good Honest....     07/25/2016
Feel free to put good plumber and inspection company down too....also contractors for paint and carp... More »
Good Honest....     07/25/2016
Area electritian that wont lie about about possible problems. Will get things fixed in safe but reso... More »
Tetanus shot question     07/23/2016
@allymansfield: Tetenus vaccine, like rabies, will work as long as you get them before first... More »
Natural vitamins     07/23/2016
The only three companies at this point that I trust for vitamims are Youngliving, innate choice and ... More »

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