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Only a Drop...     08/19/2016
@Andreweggplant: You got a drop?.... We didnt even get that...sounded like a storm of histor... More »
Historic flooding in Louisiana     08/19/2016
@Sassafras: Please dont judge a community of thousands on the words of 5. ... More »
Kids and vaccines     08/18/2016
@brightlights: The info came from cdc and in some states they are some the ar... More »
Kids and vaccines     08/18/2016
Im not anti vac....Im anti over vac and poison our kids in the name of money. [img]http://ww... More »
Am I the only one     08/18/2016
Because Im packing up I tossed mine, but I have a Big glass bowl for mine.... More »
Art or Trash??     08/17/2016
I see Evan is back.....😂😂😂😂😂😂... More »
Internet     08/16/2016
I heard suddenlink was good..... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:... More »
How long have y'all been in Kingwood?     08/15/2016
I lived I kingwood for about 8 years then I moved to willis for about 8 years and then back to kingw... More »
significant other pet peeves     08/14/2016
@Fallon: Actually I was waiting on someone to rude or how mean but Im dead serio... More »
significant other pet peeves     08/13/2016
significant other pet peeves? Breathing :laugh:... More »
Im in BFE     08/13/2016
Interesting on the where did BFE originate. On a side note....dont buy that Long island iced tea ... More »
Im in BFE     08/13/2016
And whats up with sideway pictures!!!!!... More »
Im in BFE     08/13/2016
@donnatella: My favorite is tequilla...they found that out first few times so now they nev... More »
Im in BFE     08/13/2016
@RogueHippEE: Its getting gloomy and hear some rumbling going nortwest cleveland ab... More »
Im in BFE     08/13/2016
House sitting again. Where should I start.....😮😮😮😮 [img]http://www.kingwood.c... More »
Re: Suddenlink     08/12/2016
You would think with a post almost daily they would get they suck.... More »
Soooo whats for supper tonight....????     08/10/2016
Pizza... More »
Befriend a Kingwood Family     08/10/2016
Pools close in two weeks. Might wanna find another activity to do together... :)... More »
Re: Anyone Want to Rent a Woman     08/09/2016
You wished her a happpy birthday through text? You sir are a keeper. Mine hasnt even done that mu... More »
Re: Has anyone been insulted being a SAHM     08/07/2016
 @Burnsway: Aren't you being a wee bit judgemental about opinions different than yours[/quo... More »

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