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Flooding     05/31/2016
@HoofHearted: I was trying to but it wouldnt let me... See picture 2 for this weekend is w... More »
I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/31/2016
@dotti573: That was my thought too but I looked all day and everyone and every site say th... More »
I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/31/2016
Some body needs to rethink this enclosure. [img] More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
@Maisey1: Pulled my info off harris county flood district archived history levels. Maybe t... More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
Correction. We actually peaked at 66.72 in 1994... More »
Flooding     05/31/2016
It didnt peak as high as 1994 but I agree I think it was worst and more damage because we are more p... More »
It feels like school should be out....     05/30/2016
We stop whenever we want to. We put the books up for summer 3 weeks ago! :)... More »
If your daughter was getting married...     05/30/2016
A little off subject but it reminded me of a guy who picked me up for a date and brought my mom flow... More »
I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/30/2016
Bring in his favorite food or toy????? Here lil monkey monkey monkey....wanna trade a ton of ba... More »
I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/29/2016
Please research and watch the whole video and listen to witnesses. This was not neglect. It happened... More »
Cresting     05/29/2016
@QueenB: Equal distribution. Everyone gets a few feet instead of one area destroyed forever.... More »
Cresting     05/29/2016
@HollyHobby: So true. My parents are off the trinity in a wooded area that never took more t... More »
Cresting     05/29/2016
@Stealth83: True but some of us have friends and family in danger and happen to like the new... More »
North wOODLAND hILLS POOL PARTY     05/28/2016
@dotti573: no, bet we left before they got there. We left about 12. The pool was pretty darn cle... More »
Re: North wOODLAND hILLS POOL PARTY     05/28/2016
Dottie.... honor system to an extent. I just came from there. Lots of fun and the kiddoes doing kari... More »
Humble ISD Chooses New Superintendent     05/28/2016
Im putting my thoughts on hold. I dont believe all the negative comments are false. It may have snow... More »
Future Miss. (Whatever)?     05/27/2016 More »
Future Miss. (Whatever)?     05/27/2016
@donnatella: Problem is they dont get help and slip through the sytem. We have a ton of reso... More »
Future Miss. (Whatever)?     05/27/2016
If she was on stage under pressure it could happen. My daughter struggles with math big time. She ca... More »
dryer repar     05/26/2016
I third paul.... More »

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