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Suddenlink is out     09/17/2016
@Jeff1928: Nope, ohhhh wait...yes its yea there it goes. Its up...... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
@ctl74: I have takes a while though and dont want to waste my gas. In a real emergen... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Kid was doing school work by the window. This was our only free day to get seat work done all week..... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Came back on. Hope it stays on.... :mad:... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Im at less than 2 percent on phone...guess I will head to kroger to charge up so I can call. I thoug... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Nobody knows anything...Im about to lose my fridge food and More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Was out at my place back of north woodland hills from 1 to 4 am and now it just went out again. What... More »
Animal ark     09/15/2016
The smell use to bug me but the place was always clean...I think its the prarie dogs that cause it t... More »
Several regulars seem to be MIA...where they be??     09/15/2016
I only show up when Im running low on tin foil! [img] More »
Husband & I are having a contest     09/09/2016
@yourefunny: That would be me. My hubs does nothing at home...not even take out trash. ... More »
Would you use your real name?     09/08/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: Yes....if I could change mine to Melissa Burell I would. i... More »
Can you eat Aloe?     09/08/2016
@donnatella: Personally the texture grosses me out for ingestion so I choose certain youngli... More »
Can you eat Aloe?     09/08/2016
@donnatella: Because many of our plants and fruits have healing powers that blow OTC and p... More »
what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/07/2016
You can still get these online but dont think I have seen them in a store for about 25 years. ... More »
what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/07/2016
Did anyone mention [img] More »
Mayor Believes New Textbook Is Racist     09/06/2016
@donnatella: No this particular principle actually deemed it racist....nothing to do with al... More »
Schools and Homework     09/06/2016
When my daughter was in school she had about 1 to 2 hours homework a night. I now homeschool her ... More »
whatcha fixin to eat tonight?     09/06/2016
Sausage and mashed tators.... More »
Mayor Believes New Textbook Is Racist     09/06/2016
Everything is racist. Didnt some school last year say peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were racist... More »
Re: OMG! Zika in Porter!     09/03/2016
And then there is this. Not saying I believe it but you never know. More »

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