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Please be careful with this.person in Bear Branch     10/09/2017
A thread like this should not have so many "removed by admin" s Drink some coffee and come back..... More »
Looking for....     10/08/2017
Transmission fluid.....,😂😂😂 Just gonna drive him to the dealership tomorrow.....😎... More »
Looking for....     10/08/2017
Anyone have some cvtf-j4 trans fluid they wanna sell. Trying to avoid a trip to 290 tomorrow and hel... More »
Terrorism In Vegas     10/03/2017
@luv2eatsushi: Criminal minds makes me want a piece of shemar moore so maybe Tv does influen... More »
God or Science     10/02/2017
God or science? Why can't it be both?... More »
Terrorism In Vegas     10/02/2017
Call it conspiracy, call it BS, call it fishy..whatever. 2 broken out windows several feet apart.... More »
San Juan mayor     10/01/2017
[img][/img]... More »
San Juan mayor     10/01/2017
@Fallon: Sitting over here quietly....😁 :laugh: ... More »
Any idea what this is     09/18/2017
Look up orbital or periorbital cellulitis staph(sp?) It was the diagnose given to the ones I know... More »
Any idea what this is     09/18/2017
It's a type of staph going around. I have 2 friends and a family member that all got it, exactly lik... More »
Why does everyone keep hating on Trump?     09/18/2017
Everyone hates Trump because he is the Father giving the little bratts the @ss whopping they never g... More »
Looter Pics     09/18/2017
@crawdaddct: Yes they are doing just that, I live right behind all 3 of them, saw the crowd ... More »
Looter Pics     09/18/2017
I don't care if it's free, legal or waiting for pick up, it's contaminated, hands off. The people th... More »
Give Me A Break Joel Osteen     09/14/2017
@jpm: His personal charities are none of my business but it's out there...🙄. I'm not g... More »
WTF is this thing     09/14/2017
I'm gonna go with gulpper eel or something similiar.... More »
Give Me A Break Joel Osteen     09/14/2017
Like anything else, don't like his ways, don't give to him. He is rich because he is an entrepre... More »
RC Staying In High Price Houston Hotels     09/13/2017
Personally I don't care where they stay or how well they eat as long as they do their flipping job a... More »
Mayor seeks temporary property tax hike for Harvey recovery     09/11/2017
He could have atleast waited till everyones clothes were dry.....🙄... More »
Is it just me?     09/11/2017
@Seawings: I was always told the only difference between rich and poor is the rich owe more ... More »
Is it just me?     09/10/2017
Harvey didn't discriminate between the rich and poor, and we shouldn't either.... More »

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