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Need a car.     01/25/2014
@ILoveRdg: If she had $900. I just messaged that guy about the seabring... ... More »
Need a car.     01/25/2014
I have a friend who's moving her and her child out Of a bad.situation. The car I had been workin... More »
Re: accident on kingwood dr just now     11/17/2013
there are a crap ton of people that can't keep their noses off the cell phones. when i used to ride ... More »
Re: FYI Spouse was confronted in parking lot at mall off 1960.     11/17/2013
@TheTruthHurts: hah... yeah... i'd love to say that, but ya know how hard it is to find a job ou... More »
Re: needing a ride tonight??     11/17/2013
@kristyberger1978: Did you ever find a ride hun? ... More »
Re: KPHS Coach has relationship with student.     11/17/2013
@Ally: There were no rape accusations... most likely one thing led to another and they got physi... More »
Re: My bad...     11/17/2013
Last time i had whiskey I traded blows with a man 3 times my size. the next morning my face resemble... More »
Re: Boston Marathon Victim Halloween Costume     11/04/2013
@mm4731: Links or it didn't happen. ;) ... More »
Re: Dinner     10/29/2013
Salt and vinegar chips and a ginger ale. im way too lazy to cook/clean and way to "who cares" to coo... More »
Re: It's that time of year AGAIN     10/29/2013
uggghhhh. ... More »
Re: Cat Lovers...HELP!!!     10/29/2013
@Nicole4647: do not ever declaw. it's pretty brutal. you can trim the claws AND they make calmin... More »
Re: CenturyLink still SLOW!!     10/27/2013
@mm4731: They have always sucked a big one at our apartment. Centurylink is a pile of feces. how... More »
Re: MOVING SALE (Friday Only Oct 25th 9 a.m. - 12:p.m.)     10/24/2013
@hanebch: any camera equipment? ... More »
Re: Oil change?     10/23/2013
@QueenB: Me me me! :) i wll change oil for monies. :D ... More »
Re: Winners!!     10/23/2013
Holy crap I won! hahahaahaha¬† thanks!... More »
Re: doctors suck !......     10/23/2013
I refuse to even go to a Dr anymore. the ER completely overlooked my staph infection and said i have... More »
Roommate?     10/23/2013
so if things continue the direction they're going then i'll need ot find a place to live by the end ... More »
Re: Not sure if this got posted yet - but they caught the Town Center Robbers     10/22/2013
Still carrying a couple of knives on me. people that think kingwood is safe are crazy. ... More »
Re: Kingwood Medical Center...     10/15/2013
@Burnsway: ¬†I have no fracking clue but I was ticked as hell because I had never been to a hosp... More »
Re: It's not fair!     10/11/2013
@Retired_Engineer: who the hell said that was art?! pretty sure she was proverbially kicked out ... More »

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