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URGENT     07/21/2017
Does he have a chip?... More »
Friday's Contest Winner     07/21/2017
Congrats to Herron on her win! Enjoy! 🐶... More »
Update 2800     07/21/2017
I wish I had the eloquence of others but the message is always heartfelt- Thinking of you in this t... More »
Panhandlers all over KW.     07/20/2017
As soon as people stop giving money, they leave. Simple.... More »
Manchester Soccer     07/20/2017
Is the game on SUDDENLINK?... More »
Dessert     07/19/2017
You guys were channeling my family's favorites perfectly. There are three birthdays in the next mon... More »
Dessert     07/19/2017
What is your favorite summer dessert to serve for big family dinners? Nothing frozen - too diffi... More »
Wedding dress donations     07/18/2017
@allymansfield: I believe National Charity League in our area does Prom dress donations. ... More »
America, Land of Sissies     07/18/2017
Stepping quietly out of this thread. Oh dear.... More »
Personal chefs in Kingwood?     07/18/2017
@gigem09: And that explains why I have them! 🤓 ... More »
Personal chefs in Kingwood?     07/18/2017
Perhaps a valuable kitchen accessory- I have some cut proof gloves that I use when working with... More »
Personal chefs in Kingwood?     07/18/2017
@ZMAN: I know others who are of low vision. There are lots of great technology out there- f... More »
Personal chefs in Kingwood?     07/17/2017
@Momof2boyz: Have you contacted Lighthouse for the Blind? They may be able to assist you ... More »
Random Stuff     07/17/2017
@Annie: This is the post I wanted you to see. @ husbandwithnousername ... More »
Random Stuff     07/17/2017
@FoFa: That is a shorter, hairier version of my husband. Marshmallow is just about his bl... More »
Trivial Pursuit ...who can answer these?     07/17/2017
Can we change cards with another table? ... More »
Goodwill     07/17/2017
My mom warned me of someone coming to clean out the attic years ago. Literally, he removed some of ... More »
Some excitement on vacation     07/17/2017
Your story could be printed at rental car desks of why to opt for the additional insurance!... More »
Some excitement on vacation     07/17/2017
I imagine you have heard from insurance by now. Do they think it can be salvaged? Did you just lea... More »
Won my 3rd 10.00 in box game - anyone elese?     07/16/2017
I won $10 in the last week but haven't won in probably more than a year.... More »

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