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Torchys Tacos     04/24/2017
No information on the website but I wanted to recommend an established business than many have not d... More »
Im New     04/24/2017
@GhostMonkey: You have 59 mins to do it then too late. Plus, I believe you can only edit to... More »
Our anniversary is coming up tuesday     04/23/2017
What are her favorite flowers? Do you have them ordered?... More »
That Makes me Uncomfortable     04/22/2017
Most of those are no go's for me but I am actually impressed by the trim work by the stairs. Someon... More »
Results     04/21/2017
Sending @Ann2800 a big (((hug))) during the waiting time. Take good care of yourself.... More »
Anyone need cardboard boxes for moving?     04/20/2017
@ANN2800 Ann mentioned a friend in need a while back.... More »
Chiropractor monthly membership?     04/20/2017
Ask at N8 TOUCH. ... More »
Just for laughs!     04/20/2017
@Brat: That is just awful! Worse yet, I bet my insurance will not cover and stick me with... More »
Prayer Request     04/20/2017
Prayers that the positive upswing continues in your favor. Will be thinking of you today.... More »
Massage ASAP     04/19/2017
N8 touch... More »
Your worst job?     04/19/2017
In college, I waited tables at a large national chain restaurant but I refused to sleep with the sle... More »
Is it unreasonable to expect....     04/18/2017
I recently switched doctors after having insanely long wait times. Loved the doc and her thoroughne... More »
Cadillac XT3     04/18/2017
@J2911: I use bluebook value vs repair cost typically when deciding if it is worth repairing... More »
mua tào lao của tôi     04/18/2017
What are you selling today @nycoil?... More »
Cadillac XT3     04/18/2017
@beastmode: I agree. I too try to drive my cars till they can go no further. The rear cam... More »
Cadillac XT3     04/17/2017
@beastmode: I sure hope you are right. If money were no object, the XT5 is what I would be... More »
I need to do my taxes     04/17/2017
My dimwit uncle who lives in little town East Texas neglected to check if he had ink in his printer ... More »
Cadillac XT3     04/17/2017
@beastmode: Any idea on price point? ... More »
BeeGees special     04/17/2017
We recorded it to finish watching. Anxious to see the final 3 songs.... More »

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