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Update     10/18/2017
Even without seeing this post, your name has been popping in my head on numerous occasions today. W... More »
Grocery lines     10/15/2017
@angelpie: What time of day? I needed to go then. ... More »
Grocery lines     10/15/2017
@Retired_Engineer: Yes. I am a rotten person today but there were only 4 lines open when ... More »
Grocery lines     10/15/2017
I feel my hair going grey just standing in line at the grocery store...... More »
This morning I have discovered that kneeling     10/15/2017
@ET: My back feels like the Whole/Hole front yard! ... More »
This morning I have discovered that kneeling     10/15/2017
Suffering the same thing here. Just replaced a broken sprinkler head. That is the easy part. Ha... More »
NATIUS Nursery     10/15/2017
Do they have nice fall plants or are they still in recovery mode?... More »
Loud music     10/14/2017
House or apartment? If apt, call office.... More »
Astros - spectators     10/14/2017
@goldie: Yes, that is the person. ... More »
Astros - spectators     10/14/2017
Of course, since I posted this, Mr. Rich man isn't in his seat.... More »
I'm not a baker     10/14/2017
My hubby knew it immediately.... More »
Who is gonna be watching the Astros today???     10/14/2017
Watching w hubby and some good grub. ... More »
Astros - spectators     10/14/2017
I admit to being a fair weather fan but I have noticed the prople sitting behind home plate on the a... More »
Bad Wreck at Northpark and WLH Pkwy Intersection     10/03/2017
Is it still blocked?... More »
Buying a used car     10/03/2017
I would always have a car or house inspection prior to purchase. Both car and house sellers want yo... More »
Favorite adult beverage     09/30/2017
@BobV: It comes from South Africa. Try it in your hot chocolate when it gets colder. ... More »
Favorite adult beverage     09/30/2017
Lemondrop martini Get a designated driver.... More »
Farmers market     09/29/2017
Has it restarted? I always manage to think of it the day after.... More »
Sharky's     09/25/2017
@donnatella: I had heard that the owner was debating on reopening. Is it now certain? 🍽... More »

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