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Re: ~ D. Peezy On The Rocks =     08/11/2015
@Fallon: Oh yea that will be nice!! Come home loaded up on some fish!!  ... More »
Re: Canning jars     08/11/2015
@HollyHobby: Yes because next month is the Shemitah... It's going down!!!  ... More »
Re: Just bought my first Yeti     08/11/2015
@donnatella: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh snap!!! Man I want one of those!! Glad you got one I bet it rocks. ... More »
Re: ~ D. Peezy On The Rocks =     08/11/2015
@Fallon: Thanks my friend!!! How are you?? ... More »
Re: ~ D. Peezy On The Rocks =     08/11/2015
@herron1345: Just LIVIN taking it day by day lol Nah all good just busy and all that jazz...How... More »
Wooderson's Quest of 2015     08/11/2015
To procure Pappy Van Winkle!!!!!!!!!!!!Has any one ever succeeded???... More »
Re: ~ D. Peezy On The Rocks =     08/11/2015
@thetarget9: Valid point there sir! ... More »
Re: Is your AC cooling to what you have it set on?     08/11/2015
@topcat: My poor little unit is just trying to make it... He's that pissed ole man who can see r... More »
Re: Called HPD on pan handlers!     08/11/2015
@topcat: Those tricksters... they talked me out of a lefty of some sweet kind ... More »
Re: ~ D. Peezy On The Rocks =     08/11/2015
@herron1345: Hard to beat that!! Jack! ... More »
Re: Too hot to cook!     08/11/2015
@MarT: You aren't the only one.. sweet merciful it's warm! ... More »
Re: I knew it was coming, but..     08/11/2015
@Fallon: Just keep making random comments about how dusty it is...  ... More »
Re: Your go-to bedtime snack?     08/06/2015
Jager bombs and Red stripe... More »
Re: Yo @Wooderson ....Sunset Grill, Dude....     08/02/2015
@Fallon: Hahahahahahahaha!!!! ... More »
Re: Yo @Wooderson ....Sunset Grill, Dude....     08/01/2015
@Fallon: I know what you mean .. When I lived in Alabama it was just the stuff we ate and then o... More »
Re: Yo @Wooderson ....Sunset Grill, Dude....     08/01/2015
Yep just got the scoop Cajun and Soul Food. It is under new management.... More »
Re: Yo @Wooderson ....Sunset Grill, Dude....     08/01/2015
@herron1345: What?!?!?! Let me do some investigations!!! Thanks!!! ... More »
Re: To the driver of the dark gray Infinity QX360     07/31/2015
Put that fool on blast... More »
Would you in downtown Houston?     07/29/2015
@HollyHobby: I've made that walk several times. Not a big deal. Just stay away from the corn... More »
I want a steak for supper     07/29/2015
@Ray: We had steak. Marinated 24 hours. Pit was hot!!! Literally had to change clothes afte... More »

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