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Re: stream     12/30/2016
I pop up every now and again lol... More »
stream     12/30/2016
Any good stream sites for ufc?... More »
Super Bowl LI pot!!!     11/27/2016
@Fallon: Cool!!! Congrats!!! I love playing squares too. ... More »
Re: Super Bowl LI pot!!!     11/26/2016
You know I need in on that!... More »
About Torchys     11/16/2016
Sweet !!!!!!... More »
Train Blowing     11/16/2016
I like the sound of it.... More »
59 s accident     11/16/2016
Saw it coming home. Looked bad.... More »
Re: What the heck is Honey Sauce?     11/15/2016
Save the bees water down the honey... More »
Re: 80's nonsense     11/15/2016
@mdizzle: ¬†Hahahahahahahaha no doubt!!! Good point! ... More »
NES Classic     11/15/2016
Any luck scoring one???¬†I need like 3!... More »
Re: Hey-oooooooooooo     11/15/2016
@yankeejessica: Oh My god I can't wait to not have to go to huffman for a blizzard!!! ... More »
Re: Hey-oooooooooooo     11/15/2016
Hey guys I've been good.. just working and stuff.. don't really have an excuse as to why I haven't l... More »
Re: Hey-oooooooooooo     11/14/2016
Won't be too much longer.. times are changing!... More »
Re: Hey-oooooooooooo     11/14/2016
@TXtransplant: YES!!!!!!!!!!!! ... More »
Re: The Voice 11/14     11/14/2016
I like We she is awesome.. Gotta support Sundance!!! Been watching him many years around here!... More »
Re: 80's nonsense     11/14/2016
I went and saw Sabbath this past Thursday!! Freaking awesome!... More »
Re: 80's nonsense     11/14/2016
@friday1: Man I know!! Cliff was so awesome!! What a tragedy! ... More »
Re: 80's nonsense     11/14/2016
and of course my first love[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: 80's nonsense     11/14/2016
As far as 80-'s one hit 2 favs[youtube][/you... More »
Re: 80's nonsense     11/14/2016
Dude Digging the 80s metal!!! [youtube][/youtube]... More »

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