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Re: Christmas Tree     11/22/2016
for 10 years we always had a real tree & one year the tree fell over & water soaked into our... More »
Re: Missing my Black Siberian husky     11/21/2016
hope your fur baby comes home soon safe & sound .... More »
Re: Poor Dad     11/20/2016
prayers for your entire family , it's hard to watch your parent go through this illness . God will g... More »
Re: What Are You Craving?     11/20/2016
chocolate cake with a big dip of vanilla ice cream  & caramel sauce sprinkled with walnuts ...... More »
Re: We have great deals and best top grade medical marijuana green available     11/20/2016
guess they skipped that class where they were teaching the kids how to spell & sound out the wor... More »
Re: Cold     11/20/2016
our furnace has been on since the weather took a nose dive a week ago . Woke up this morning to 17 d... More »
holidays are coming upon us , are you ready ?     11/18/2016
hubby & I have all our xmas shopping finished & I only have 2 more gifts to wrap . Today I w... More »
Re: What's the most you've ever won on the lottery?     11/18/2016
I won $74.00 once & $20.00 once , but I have used the same numbers for 23 years & I spend $3... More »
Re: All I have to say....     11/14/2016
once you have seen your 1st naked lady or man why search for another nude photo ? All bodies are the... More »
Re: Thanksgiving Turkey     11/14/2016
buying the "Honey-Baked ham is very expensive , less expensive to cook it your self .... More »
Re: need to rehome sweet dog due to health issues     11/14/2016
please be extra careful of who you do give your dog to there are some people out there that will use... More »
Re: LOST WALLET! 11/9     11/13/2016
1st call & cancel all your credit cards , change your debit cards & be sure to tell the bank... More »
Re: Green     11/13/2016
my brother lives in Colorado Springs & loves it , he moved there 4 years ago because his younges... More »
Re: Does your spouse do this?     11/13/2016
YES ! my hubby does that all the time & when I tell him to "shut up " he gets in a pouting mood ... More »
Re: Does your spouse have your password?     11/13/2016
hubby & I trust & love one another & we have no secrets from one another unless it's a g... More »
Re: No reason to protest?     11/13/2016
Trump is not president yet , he has to be sworn into office first , right now he is just gathering i... More »
Re: What is the Purpose?     11/10/2016
Nature at it's best !... More »
Re: Adoption Day!!!     11/10/2016
Hope you have 100 % adoption for all fur babies !... More »
Re: Meat loaf, mashed taters n green beans     11/10/2016
hubby's favorite meal , but who burned the green beans ?... More »
Re: Puppy lovin     11/10/2016
so cute , hope they find forever homes soon , all babies need good loving homes forever.... More »

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