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Re: Is it just me?     11/01/2016
as hubby & I were leaving last night to go out to dinner 2 SUV's pulled up across the street &am... More »
Re: different this Halloween .....     10/31/2016
@Can'tStandTex....we lived in Kingwood for 6 years & I hated it the entire time we were there . ... More »
Re: Heartworm positive     10/31/2016 friend had her dog treated for heartworms , it's a long drawn out series of treatm... More »
Re: different this Halloween .....     10/31/2016
I have 2 beautiful cushion mums in my side garden , 1 is orange & 1 is yellow. We mowed all the ... More »
Re: Whatcha cooking?     10/31/2016
@Fallon hubby's favorite food is mashed potatoes so over the years I have invented different w... More »
Re: Not feeling so good can some     10/31/2016
@JackDaneCPA... I see your point but if they can not afford to run they do not need to run our count... More »
Re: I'm voting for Hillary     10/31/2016
taxes & insurance are high every where .I'm retired , have not had any children in school in ove... More »
Re: Not feeling so good can some     10/31/2016
I have no idea whom did what or who said what , I just want all this "crap" to end ...the name calli... More »
different this Halloween .....     10/31/2016
every year we spend around $50.00 on candy to pass out to all the kids from 6 to 8 pm , so this year... More »
Re: Not feeling so good can some     10/31/2016
I believe all the e-mails in question were between Weiner & Huma on Hillary's server , but I cou... More »
Re: Missing dog     10/31/2016
beautiful fur baby ,,,any updates as of yet ? Hope he makes it home safe & sound soon...... More »
Re: Wood or composite decking?     10/31/2016
@Queen B...why not build stairs going down to your cement patio ? A nice set of stairs with a small ... More »
Re: Has anyone changed up your menu with the cooler weather?     10/27/2016
when we lived in Kingwood Texas I was shocked to find out that our neighbors were not "friendly" , e... More »
Re: Has anyone changed up your menu with the cooler weather?     10/26/2016
I made a huge pot of great northern bean soup with onions, carrots,celery & potatoes ,I threw in... More »
Re: Trump Back In the Lead     10/24/2016
when it's all over we will see you our new president will be for the next 4 to 8 years , we¬† will n... More »
Walking Dead......     10/24/2016
after 7 years of watching this show I have to tell you what last nights episode made me mad , sad , ... More »
Re: RIP My golden boy     10/24/2016
so sorry for your loss , it's hard to let go especially when the decision is yours to make , but you... More »
Halloween .....     10/21/2016
Last year , just like the year before we bought lots of candy & handed it out , most of the kids... More »
Re: Missing orange tabby kitten     10/21/2016
so sorry to hear about your lost kitty , however when a small kitty gets out into the world alone wi... More »
Re: Matthew 10:16     10/19/2016
Mine is John 3 : 16 ...For God so loved the world He gave his only son ......... More »

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