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Re: Weight loss     11/30/2016
@Maisey1 ...I never let myself go up more than a pound , I'm actually terrified that I will become f... More »
Re: rain , rain go away .....     11/30/2016
it stopped raining for about 4 hours & the sun came out , then the sun disappeared & the rai... More »
Re: Hi KDC Family     11/30/2016
more prayers & good wishes coming your way , rest & believe in God & you will find peace... More »
Re: Weight loss     11/30/2016
I live on a "high protein" diet & stay at 125 lbs. of course I weigh myself every morning so I k... More »
Re: Lost My Dogs     11/29/2016
good news , happy endings are always nice to hear about.... More »
rain , rain go away .....     11/29/2016
it started raining late Sunday evening & has continued all day Monday & now it is still spit... More »
tree is up & decorated.....     11/28/2016
and we finished putting all the outside decorations up & connected the electric to everything . ... More »
Re: The Walking Dead     11/28/2016
I switched channels , it is not worth watching any more , jumping from one to another & really n... More »
Thanksgiving is over & New Year is coming fast !     11/25/2016
Can you believe we have already reached the end of another year ? Where did time go ? How did it pas... More »
Re: getting ready to move......     11/25/2016
Hooray ! I go to bed around 9 :30 pm so I can be up by 6 am , if I don't get 8 to 9 hours of sleep I... More »
Re: What's on your TG menu     11/24/2016
turkey, dressing, loaded mashed potatoes , green bean casserole , sweet potato casserole , corn brea... More »
Re: getting ready to move......     11/24/2016
this post was way back in July , we are no longer moving from our home , we pulled out of the deal w... More »
Re: Facial jewelry question     11/24/2016
why add to the problem , too many beautiful young people disfiguring their bodies now  without adul... More »
today it starts in the kitchen.....     11/23/2016
2 loaves of pumpkin bread 2 loaves of zucchini bread11 X 13 pan of corn pudding2 peanut-butter pies5... More »
Re: November 22, 1963     11/23/2016
all these years later & we are still talking & writing about it  , Kennedy was killed becau... More »
Re: Maybe he thinks she's suffered enough     11/23/2016
when you have skeleton's in your closet the best thing to do is to teach them how to dance....maybe ... More »
Re: My dinner for thanksgiving if i have to deal w family     11/22/2016
I love all the hussle & bussle of the holidays , everyone brings something to eat & we all g... More »
Re: White Sinks     11/22/2016
never had a white sink , however to get my tubs white I fill it with water & pour bleach in &... More »
Re: $10 Christmas Gifts     11/22/2016
gloves , hats , scarfs , you are always safe with these gifts . A Visa pre-paid card or a MC is alwa... More »
Re: RIP Barb     11/22/2016
John , please find peace in the knowledge that Barb is in a place where there is no pain or illness ... More »

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