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it's that time of year ...again !     10/26/2015
Hubby & I have been so busy for the last 3 weeks we have let time slip away from us . We purchas... More »
Re: Lost white husky in elm grove     10/26/2015
have you found him yet ? Sure hope  your fur baby comes home soon , safe & sound .... More »
Re: Ben Carson, I just wonder....     10/26/2015
He has no political back ground & he puts his mouth in motion before his brain is in gear . He p... More »
Re: Have you seen this under Classifieds/Pets     10/07/2015
it is expensive to care for a dog that needs shots & grooming . I know we have 3 poodles that go... More »
Re: Boy, 11, shoots girl, 8, with shotgun     10/07/2015
1st off where were the parents when this happened at 7:30 at night ?  Especially a little girl  8 ... More »
Re: @anne2800 how are you?     10/07/2015
Prayers coming your way & good wishes that you improve with each passing day ...... More »
Re: Which Button Would You Press and Why?     10/07/2015
blue for me...think of the money I would save on plane fare !... More »
Re: Yorkie     10/07/2015
it looks like a good grooming would be all she needs then a lot of love & TLC . she looks like s... More »
Kentucky weather & other news ....     10/06/2015
Gas went from $1.99 to $2.17 in one day ! But that's okay , it's still under $3.We had 3 cold days w... More »
Re: I met a pup from Twyla's Friends last night.     10/06/2015
cute pup , hope she enjoyed her bath (LOL).... More »
Re: perfect coffee table     10/06/2015
I like them for  a den or game room , but  not for a formal living space. ... More »
Re: Looky who i found at Woodland hills elem     10/02/2015
@nurse3...Maybe the owners left him in the care of someone & he took off , I hope  his mouth ca... More »
Re: My sarcastic daughter     09/30/2015
When I have apples that are on the edge of being too ripe , I make an apple pie  . If no one wants ... More »
Re: Do you think we will have a COLD winter?     09/30/2015
Here in Kentucky it has been really dry , only one inch of rain this month !  The weather man says ... More »
Re: Looky who i found at Woodland hills elem     09/30/2015
sooo any news on the owners ? will you keep him if  they don't want him ? ... More »
Re: hump day! rise and shine Sleepyheads!     09/30/2015
I've been up since 4am's cooling off here & I had to get up & get a blanket , then I ... More »
Re: Transgender travelers singled out in TSA screenings     09/30/2015
@mm4731.....of course you would have to tell the person you were dating or going to marry , but what... More »
Re: Transgender travelers singled out in TSA screenings     09/28/2015
on Halloween dress up as anything or any one & it's okay , but do it every day & you have a ... More »
Re: back from our Mexico vacation .....     09/28/2015
@bubbleeyes72@sweetiewe were very safe , every where we went we were bussed & the hotel was "gat... More »
back from our Mexico vacation .....     09/28/2015
a week in the sun ! we had a blast . This was our 4th time in Mexico & as usual we enjoyed every... More »

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