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Re: Dogs have feelings     12/22/2015
all animals have feelings , some show it better than others. We had a cat for 13 years & it acte... More »
Re: New Years Eve     12/17/2015
make your own package with things you enjoy doing , that's what we are doing this year . We are goin... More »
Re: NOt wanting to BRAG here but.....     12/17/2015
 can still wear my size 12 jeans I wore when I was in my 40's & I'm in my 70's now . I'm workin... More »
Re: MISSING BLACK PUG     12/17/2015
what a cute pug , sure hope he is returned safe & sound . He is so cute the finder may not want ... More »
Re: weather is changing ....     12/14/2015
Typical Texas winter weather ..enjoy your 76 degrees , we are slowly heading for the 20's BURRRRRR!... More »
Re: Meals kids love     12/14/2015
waffles with bacon cheddar mashed potatoeschicken kabobs rice with cheesepork frittersmy kids are g... More »
Re: Old Photos     12/14/2015
Cool !  I'm sure a lot of bullets crossed  paths during many wars . It's sad that we still have wa... More »
Re: Glad im a single guy.     12/14/2015
I'm an old lady , in my 70's but years ago when I divorced my ex-husband I was determined not to mar... More »
weather is changing ....     12/14/2015
For the last 2 weeks we have had summer like weather  & we have counted our blessings for sure ... More »
Re: Hiding Money in the House     12/13/2015
@FoFa... we think her ex-husband had something to do with it  because they were married 17 years &a... More »
Re: Sick kids - any advice?     12/09/2015
@angiekaye...old cures  are sometimes best , tried & true... More »
Re: What's on your list for Christmas??     12/08/2015
Peace & Good health for the world ... More »
Re: Bengals 9-2     12/08/2015
@friday1... thanks , Cincinnati is the Buckeye State & the people are great , we live in Kentuck... More »
Bengals 9-2     12/08/2015
Don't know if anyone there watches our games but  it was a good game on Sunday & for sure we ar... More »
Planet Fitness.......     12/08/2015
Hubby & I usually go in the evening & do our work out , but this morning I woke up at 4 am (... More »
Re: sears outlet     12/08/2015
the Sears outlet here in Ky. sucks....they sell all the rejects' from  all the local Sear stores , ... More »
Re: Sick kids - any advice?     12/08/2015
7 up & saltine crackers , that's what I gave all 8 of my kids & it usually stayed down . Jus... More »
Re: terrible news last night ......     12/08/2015 in Kentucky they will take cash or check as long as they give you a receipt that's a... More »
Re: terrible news last night ......     12/07/2015
@Fofa... that's why we all think the ex-husband was in on it . But all their friends knew they were ... More »

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