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Re: Gsd f mix? Found     08/24/2016
have you had her checked by a vet ? ... More »
Re: Donald Trump called me just now....     08/24/2016
no phone calls from Trump , but I do get e-mails everyday asking for donations  for Trump. I figure... More »
Re: Indiana house !......     08/24/2016
thanks to all of you , hubby says it was "just not mint to be", very sad . I had already decorated t... More »
Re: Canine Visitors At KDC Headquarters     08/24/2016
@landers ...just  like with people sometimes cancer is not found right away , so please don't blame... More »
Indiana house !......     08/24/2016
Just found out the deal on the Indiana house fell through ....we are very upset , now we have to sta... More »
Re: Humpday!     08/24/2016
Just hang in there @Fallon . the week-end is coming (LOL). ... More »
Re: Mother-in-law is brd. ...     08/24/2016
don't know about there , but here in Ky. they are always looking for older people to rock the babies... More »
Re: Cook Top Choices Pros and Cons     08/24/2016
I was raised on a wood stove & later we went to gas , thought it was great . Then I married &... More »
Re: Which Would You Choose?     08/24/2016
we already have 3 new vehicles , so don't need another one ....we spend about $600 a month in grocer... More »
just for laughs.....     08/24/2016
My grand-daughter raises & breeds german shepherds she has 6 at the moment . She was taking the ... More »
Re: Siberian Husky Looking lovely Home     08/24/2016
cute puppy , but this is not the place to sell them , go to classifieds .... More »
Re: Good Golly !     08/24/2016
I'm with Donnatella...if you can afford to look great , then by all means do what you have to do . I... More »
Re: manicure & Pedicure.....     08/24/2016
@yankeejessica.....yes, we women do all sorts of things to make our men happy .....even when it turn... More »
Re: manicure & Pedicure.....     08/23/2016's also true if you are married , men , starting at their birth , think all wome... More »
Re: manicure & Pedicure.....     08/23/2016
@Fallon....women do not realize when they say I DO" they are saying "I Will" to a life time of work ... More »
Re: manicure & Pedicure.....     08/22/2016
@Fallon...thanks Fallon , glad someone sees things in my favor for a change. My mother use to say "a... More »
Re: can't believe this happened to me !     08/22/2016
@Fallon....he was no where near a Chippendale guy....maybe a Barney Fife...(LOL)... More »
can't believe this happened to me !     08/20/2016
so I had my hair done & decided to pick up a few items at Kroger's before going home . I had on ... More »
walking dead .....last night....     08/15/2016
the TV kept saying "preview of season 7 " at 10 pm hubby & I sat up & waited & wai... More »
Re: Trump     08/15/2016
Trump needs to think about what he is going to say  before he allows it to come out of his mouth . ... More »

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