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manicure & Pedicure.....     06/27/2016
I use to get them every 3 weeks without fail , but then I stopped for about 2 years & just recen... More »
Re: Tanner needs a foster     06/27/2016
Good wishes for Tanner & the sweet person that may give him his forever home ...fingers & to... More »
Flying to Houston......     06/27/2016
Hubby left at 4 am this morning flying into Houston for inventory . He was really dreading the trip ... More »
Re: Lost Puppy - Woodspring Forest - FOUND!!!     06/27/2016
thank you for the update , glad he made it home safe & sound.... More »
Re: Full circle!     06/27/2016
she is a girls started dance school at the age of 5 & they loved the tap & ballet ... More »
Re: Need an aide for showers     06/27/2016
I do not know about Texas but here in Kentucky in the front & back of our telephone books they h... More »
Re: Man Fat Shame on Restaurant Receipt     06/27/2016
I'm 5'6" tall & weigh 134 lbs. I use to weigh 225 lbs. I was miserable , but I joined a gym &... More »
Re: what is this growing in my backyard ?     06/27/2016
I agree with everyone else , it looks like a fig .... More »
Re: Daddy Jax     06/27/2016
prayers & good wishes for a successful surgery & good out come for your dad . I was a daddy'... More »
Re: Tanner needs a foster     06/27/2016
He sure is a handsome looking dog , whish I could take him , but I already have 3 dogs that are very... More »
Re: It's all about the toast...     06/27/2016
11 that's the way I like my toast when I want toast . But I seldom eat bread in any form , I like fr... More »
Re: Requesting prayers sweet friends     06/23/2016
@Ann2800...prayers & good wishes coming your way from are always in our thoughts... More »
Re: Finally got to my DS new home in Idaho and it is nice     06/23/2016
Beautiful home & setting. You said they were 25 miles from town far from medical help if ... More »
Re: Hillary & Trump I'm on the Fence     06/23/2016
this happens every 4 years ...people run for the highest office our country has & the good peopl... More »
Re: pet groomers     06/21/2016
Dog Gone Stylin' on 494 Lisa owns & operates her business & treats each pet like it was her ... More »
Re: Junk phone calls     06/21/2016
we get at least 5 to 8 calls every day from the IRS telling us they are going to sue us for back tax... More »
Re: New playmate for my granddaughter     06/21/2016
what a doll ! I just love to watch babies & see how they think about every day things that we as... More »
Re: I'm heartbroken     06/08/2016
so sorry to hear of your loss of your dear pet. It's easier to fill in a hole than to dig one ...jus... More »
Re: Dog story with a happy ending!     06/08/2016
Great story & I love happy endings . Anyone that would leave a pet to die a certain death should... More »
Re: I think those of you who know me KNOW how this would end...     05/31/2016
since I do not own a cell phone my choice is simple....... More »

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