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Re: Gray Dodge Charger - Lic plate GWY- _____     06/30/2016
I would rather chew my childs butt out & take the car keys away than to go to the morgue & i... More »
Re: Found boxer     06/30/2016
bump for the beautiful boxer , sure hope & pray he finds his family soon.... More »
Re: What Is Causing All This Heat In Kingwood??     06/30/2016
what ever it  is we are also having a heat wave with no rain in sight in Kentucky , so it's not jus... More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     06/30/2016
@elguapo.... I do not smoke , I have asthma , but years ago I did smoke & even tried pot once (L... More »
Re: 20 Answers for Black People     06/30/2016
@dt3001.....well said , we all know that there will never be real peace on earth because someone wil... More »
Re: s     06/29/2016
it's hard enough to understand the English language when so many people murder it , without adding e... More »
Coupons from DSW....     06/29/2016
Mail ran this morning & I received 2 coupons from DSW one for $10.00 & one for $5.00 so I wi... More »
Re: Emaciated husky needs a foster     06/29/2016
Poor baby  he looks terrible , the previous owners should be ashamed of not caring for this poor ba... More »
Re: How to kill....     06/29/2016
Hubby also pulled ours out with the truck & a wench  , we never had any of them come back . The... More »
Re: So annoyed     06/29/2016
I check ours about every 3 to 4 months & replace the batteries before they start to go bad.... More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     06/29/2016
Trust me I know what "POT" smells like  , my brother use to sneak & smoke it quite often when h... More »
my granddaughter stopped......     06/29/2016
by to have breakfast with me this morning at 7:15 am . What a nice surprise . She is still driving f... More »
Re: Clinton's     06/29/2016
just for FYI...Hillary has already been cleared of any wrong doing & all phone messages have als... More »
pot smell in my back yard....     06/29/2016
last night I thought I would sit by the pool before going to bed & when I opened the back door I... More »
Re: 20 Answers for Black People     06/28/2016
one thing I'm certain of ....with all the people that are marring out of their race it won't be long... More »
Re: Flying to Houston......     06/28/2016
@fcabanski... I know what you mean , I do not care for the a/c at all , so when hubby is away the a/... More »
Re: World's Smallest Cat     06/28/2016
if the cat was 19 inches long it would be laying up the guys arm , not on his finger.... More »
Re: Satellite dish removal.     06/28/2016
When we had our old satellite removed it left huge holes in our roof that needed to be repaired , co... More »
Re: Well I may get a dog out of this trip     06/28/2016
Labs are wonderful, faithful dogs . My friend has a chocolate lab & he is great with the entire ... More »
Re: Creeptastic dream(?) last night...     06/27/2016
@starryskies....any one you know of that has passed recently ( with in the past year ) that would ne... More »

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