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Re: Cleaned my kitchen today     09/13/2016
@KLP1972.... I'm sure there are no others like mine out there , close maybe , but not as bad or as f... More »
Re: FOUND DOG     09/13/2016
any updates on owners ? ... More »
Re: FIFTY SHADES trailer for Part 2 coming out tomorrow     09/13/2016
I read all 3 volumes & I didn't see anything worth keeping the books for . It was a weird "love ... More »
Re: Cleaned my kitchen today     09/13/2016
@starryskies67 & @ delta dawn......if I spend an entire day cleaning my kitchen it takes my hubb... More »
so busy this week ...     09/12/2016
rehearsal for our daughters wedding is Wednesday evening , Friday evening is the bridal shower &... More »
Re: Cleaned my kitchen today     09/12/2016
@starryskies67...I did that when we packed up to move , then we backed out of the deal & I had t... More »
beautiful weather today :     09/12/2016
Last night we opened our windows & let in the fresh air & turned off the a/c , hopefully we ... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     09/12/2016
Prayers & good wishes coming your way . Chemo did nothing for my son , he passed away when he wa... More »
Re: our pool is CLOSED !     09/12/2016 in Ky. it is easy to get a permit to fill in a pool that has a liner $35. &am... More »
Re: How do I keep my neighbors cat off my roof?     09/10/2016
@Dottie 573...get some "critter spray " & spray it every time you see it on your property , it w... More »
Re: our pool is CLOSED !     09/10/2016 are 100% correct , we have about 3 months here in Ky. where we can use the pool , but ... More »
Re: our pool is CLOSED !     09/10/2016
@Annie...after a few years you would get tired of the upkeep & the $$ it cost to just look at th... More »
Re: our pool is CLOSED !     09/10/2016
cajunmom...we close the pool every year the 1st week of September because after that it is usually t... More »
our pool is CLOSED !     09/08/2016
it was 90 degrees but we still had our pool closed for the season , it gets down to 65 to 60 at nigh... More »
Re: My weinee dog has issues.     09/08/2016
if you say "NO" each time he chases a frog maybe he will eventually get the idea that he is not supp... More »
Re: Anyone else already up, or still up?     09/05/2016
been up since 5:20 am with my poodle , he came into the bedroom & wanted to get into bed with us... More »
Re: what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/04/2016
Howdy Doody Show & Clara Bell the clown 10 cent loaf of bread25 cent movie housescars built like... More »
Re: this weather is beautiful !     09/04/2016
@thegoodwife....we have been watching the progress of the hurricane (storm) since it went through Fl... More »
Re: OMG! Zika in Porter!     09/03/2016
it's so sad that the zika virus is hurting the most innocent of victims , the unborn . There has bee... More »
this weather is beautiful !     09/03/2016
For the past few days it has been great , no humidity , no rain & low pollen . It's suppose to b... More »

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