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put an offer in on a house last night....     07/25/2016
after searching for over a year we have found a house that is pretty close to what we were looking f... More »
Re: A cold front is coming!!!     07/22/2016
the only cold front I'm interested in is when my hubby is pissed & won't talk about it (LOL) it ... More »
Re: Great dog up fur adoption     07/22/2016
Bump for Mia for a forever home.... More »
Re: 390 million dollar lottery.....     07/22/2016
we have had lots  of fun just thinking about what we would do with all that $$ if we won the lotter... More »
Re: Missing dog Patches     07/22/2016
just an idea...but why not adopt one of those puppies that look like "patches" , make several people... More »
Re: Not what you want to hear at the local pool     07/22/2016
@Problem Again..... not the kind of mole you would get on your "person" but the furry little critter... More »
Re: Not what you want to hear at the local pool     07/22/2016
last year we found a dead mole in our pool , we dipped it out , checked the chemical levels & th... More »
390 million dollar lottery.....     07/22/2016
every week we get 2 lottery tickets , once we won $20.00 another time $35.00 & once we even won ... More »
Re: For you younger KDC, chicks     07/22/2016
truer words were never spoken ...when I was 25 I weighed 106 lbs. ....... at 30 I weighed 118 More »
Re: Is this bad? (Water Heater and HVAC)     07/22/2016
any time something does not look good or up to snuff it probably isn't , so walk away from it & ... More »
Re: Friday is my favorite F word     07/22/2016
I'm not a coffee person , however my hubby fixes a pot every morning & so it does not go to wast... More »
Re: So Hot     07/22/2016
@Fofa...I also have 3 poodles & they will go outside to do their business in the summer , but co... More »
Re: Found dog - 1:00 pm 7/18/2016     07/21/2016
love these happy endings ! Thank you for helping him find his way back home ....... More »
Re: Requesting prayer     07/21/2016
There are angels that walk among us & protect us , may your angel walk with you today & alwa... More »
subject : homeless people     07/21/2016
yesterday on my daughters way home from work she stopped for a traffic light & noticed a man sit... More »
Re: Good grief, get your own speech at LEAST!     07/19/2016
with both the Rep. & Dem. the only ones that are running & that's a shame because there is n... More »
Re: Cool dog days     07/06/2016
we have 3 poodles & they all hate our pool . We take them in occasionally but they swim straight... More »
Re: Clinton's     07/06/2016
@thegoodwife...1st of all , all  I did was state what was said on the news , I did not say I agree... More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     07/01/2016
@cador....nothing is wrong with a good laugh, however may I remind you that it took me the entire ev... More »
Re: Gray Dodge Charger - Lic plate GWY- _____     06/30/2016
I would rather chew my childs butt out & take the car keys away than to go to the morgue & i... More »

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