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the yard work is done !     04/19/2017
hubby & I have spent the last 2 weeks working on our yard (an acre) we weeded all the flower gar... More »
Re: Breaking news - Steven Stephens     04/19/2017
by blowing out his own brains he saved the state a lot of $$ . Guess he didn't want to stand trail f... More »
Re: Re homing our vizsla, please help. šŸ˜”     04/19/2017
so sorry to hear you must find a new home for your dogĀ  , but finding him another home is better th... More »
Re: Dog doormat     04/19/2017
my grand-daughter breeds & raises German shepherds so at any given time she will have between 12... More »
Re: Is it unreasonable to expect....     04/19/2017
several years ago I went to see my doctor & I also had to wait an hour & 15 minutes , I got ... More »
Re: Your worst job?     04/19/2017
when I was 16 years old I worked at a "bait shop" & once a week we had to drain all the tanks &a... More »
Kentucky update......     04/10/2017
what beautiful weather we have been getting . Hubby & I mowed & weeded the yard & then p... More »
Re: What's for dinner?     04/10/2017
grilled lamb , cream corn & loaded baked potato, ice tea ...lemon - poppy seed cake for dessert ... More »
Re: Walking Dead     04/04/2017 Carl does not die , he is saved by the TIGER ! Who by the way is a vicious killing ma... More »
Re: Walking Dead     04/03/2017
Hubby & I thought tonight's episode sucked . Too much about nothing . It was on for 90 minutes &... More »
Re: Soooo your kids have all grown up....     03/30/2017
hubby & I are doing all the things we could not afford to do when we had children living at home... More »
Re: Just couldn't wait...     03/30/2017
@ET...Nope , when I stand I make sure I'm close enough to the toilet seat so I do not "spray" , I al... More »
Re: Just couldn't wait...     03/29/2017
personally I never "sit" on a public toilet sitĀ  , that is so gross , if I can not "hold it " till ... More »
Re: Ok I heard it!!! Woke me up     03/27/2017
our house is sound proofed so we do not hear anything , ever . We live close to the airport so we ha... More »
wet weather , lot's of rain & lightening     03/27/2017
this weather sucks ! But at least it has been warmer than usual . We were able to mow the grass on S... More »
Re: Wow people...     03/27/2017
their insurance should cover anything stolen out of their car if it was really taken & they have... More »
Re: up date on Kentucky weather.....     03/20/2017
@gigem09--- I believe all men revert to babies when they are ill . They want to be waited on hand &a... More »
Re: up date on Kentucky weather.....     03/15/2017
@Fallon : Hubby was looking on the net last night at homes in Knoxville , I would preferĀ  away from... More »
Re: How much is a new driveway running these days?     03/15/2017
we had a new driveway put in 2 years ago , it's a double wideĀ  6 cars long & has a walk way tha... More »
Re: up date on Kentucky weather.....     03/15/2017
@Fallon;We saw on the news where Chicago was hit pretty hard by "Stella" , more snow & ice than ... More »

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