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Re: Still battling eye glass RX problems     01/16/2017
@foxymomma...glad you kept on top of the problem , I always tell them I want the same thing I had , ... More »
Re: Still battling eye glass RX problems     01/13/2017
you can also ask them to check the "base curve" of your lenses , I use to make glasses in a lab &... More »
Re: Lazy Visiting Houseguest     12/27/2016
get through this year & when their next visit rolls around tell them you have plans to go on a t... More »
Re: cookie day !     12/27/2016
@Fallon: right now he is sleeping about 18 to 20 hours a day , our doctor was going to run test on h... More »
cookie day !     12/23/2016
I awoke early this morning to make all my xmas cookies & I thought the racket I was making would... More »
Re: 47 years down the drain......     12/20/2016
@beadweaver...thank you so much for your kind words , it really helps to know others have been down ... More »
Re: 47 years down the drain......     12/19/2016
@calguy...none of those people work where my hubby use to work , don't know who they are or where yo... More »
Re: 47 years down the drain......     12/18/2016
just want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts & prayers , it really means a lot to both of ... More »
Re: 47 years down the drain......     12/18/2016 that job did not pay for our home , we were in a very bad accident that was not our fa... More »
Re: 47 years down the drain......     12/18/2016
Omni Gear , located in Houston . Hubby was in the Butler division . They give everyone the shaft so ... More »
Re: 47 years down the drain......     12/18/2016
@lola..we were looking to downsize not go bigger . But for now we are happy to be in our old house w... More »
Re: Who is gonna work on their tan today?     12/17/2016
the ice storm moved through our area last night & in a matter of minutes 12 accidents were repor... More »
47 years down the drain......     12/17/2016
after 47 years with the same company my husband was let go on Tuesday . No retirement benefits , no ... More »
pumpkin cookies ....     12/14/2016
I made 8 dozen yesterday , 6 dozen with raisins , chocolate chips & walnuts & 2 dozen with w... More »
snow flurries !     12/12/2016
We had snow flurries all week-end & really cold temperatures , but the news said this coming wee... More »
Re: Dogs at Xmas     12/12/2016
I have 3 poodles & have never dressed them up for any reason or holiday . They wear the fur coat... More »
Re: Cane's     12/11/2016
Hubby & I wen to Cane's by the Tri-County Mall & it was terrible , so when the new Cane's op... More »
Re: My day..     12/07/2016 is always too short no matter how long we get to live , that's a fact of life . My ... More »
Re: Hi KDC Family     12/06/2016
prayers coming your way , keep the faith & believe every thing will turn out for the best for yo... More »
10 point buck .......     12/05/2016
my grand-daughter was on her way to work when a 10 point buck jumped out onto the road ( she lives i... More »

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