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Re: the duck is roast....     12/19/2013
A&E is going to regret this, A&E owns the rights to the name Duck Dynasty, however it would ... More »
Re: he history ?     12/03/2013
@rdizzle: Nobody want's Schaub he's proven he's inconsistent and his mobility has been compared t... More »
Re: he history ?     12/02/2013
Were going to pay both Schaub and Kubiak thru 2014. Kubiak will be let go and they will bring in ano... More »
Re: Patriots vs Texans     11/30/2013
@angiekaye: Four Words, Gary Kubia/Matt Schaub. Look for Kubiak to be the first NFL coach fired ... More »
Re: SOA     11/20/2013
2 seasons to late, Had they have just written it to where Opie killed him. We never would have had t... More »
Re: your budget is $40,000     11/18/2013
2012 Dodge Challenger, you can get it with upgrades at a good price with low miles.... More »
Re: KPHS Coach has relationship with student.     11/14/2013
I for one I know the teacher that this is happening to and im having a really really hard time with ... More »
Re: Polieman Struck At KW Football Game     10/27/2013
We were at the game and I saw and or heard nothing about this.... More »
Need someone to do some siding repairs     10/06/2013
I've got a few boards on my garage that need to be replaced. Anybody have a good handyman that they ... More »
Re: Obama: 'I didn't set a red line' on Syria     09/06/2013
Its a sad day when even his liberal support base is distancing himself on this one. Beware folks he ... More »
Re: New to area Looking for a good vet for our dog     08/26/2013
We use Banfield inside of Petsmart on US 59. Very happy with their service.... More »
Re: NO!!! you have got to be kidding,,,     08/23/2013
This hack, killed Daredevil now he's going to Kill Batman...Way to go WB and DC. This guarantees thi... More »
Re: Bump in the night     08/14/2013
Call Pete's pest solutions  (713) 305-6482... More »
Re: Dairy Queen in Kingwood????     08/09/2013
But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7When they kept on question... More »
Re: Dairy Queen in Kingwood????     08/08/2013
Hurray for DQ! I hate driving to Huffman for a blizzard.and as far as Chic-Fil-A that boy... More »
New Development in Kingwood     08/02/2013 More »
Re: Sam's Boat     07/30/2013
I'd love to see it in King's Harbor, Sharky's is nice but I'd like a more adult friendly environment... More »
Re: The Whole Truth from libs???     07/26/2013
I still am very fearful of this administration, I'm 40 years old and have never been able to say I f... More »
Re: New neighbors/barking dogs     07/24/2013
I'd just leave a note on their door or better yet, go over and talk to them. I have large dogs one o... More »
Re: No Home Business in Kingwood, BAD HOA!!!!     07/23/2013
What type of business,How does the HOA know your running a business?If your not advertising outside ... More »

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