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Re: Lasagne for dinner and....     03/11/2014
I used to like Stouffer's until the kids encouraged me to make it with more vegetables.  I only mak... More »
Lasagne for dinner and....     03/10/2014
After dinner I was putting away the remainder of the lasagne and when I picked it up I thought it wa... More »
Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOPCAT!!!!     03/09/2014
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More »
Re: Poo replastering     02/28/2014
We will be looking at replastering the pool this summer too, maybe we can get a KDC discount.... More »
where do you get your weather info     02/28/2014
who do you trust for weather forcast?... More »
Re: Basic Texas Knowledge     02/24/2014
I don't like taking quizes....... More »
Re: A/C Problem?     02/23/2014
Brightlights, that dripping water is letting you know that your pan in the attic is not draining pro... More »
Re: My special shoes     02/23/2014
Those look like my tennies.  I like tennis shoes and hiking boots.   NO stilettos for me.  I woul... More »
Re: Heading down to the University of Houston for a tour.     02/21/2014
How many times did they say the word diversity?  Ask lots of questions.... More »
Re: Lab Work     02/21/2014
Why would you let anything touch the floor besides your shoes.... More »
Camping / RVing     02/21/2014
Starting to make plans for the spring.  Getting excited.Quintana Beach is the only one scheduled so... More »
Re: Weekend Plans     02/21/2014
I am headed to the apple store to learn a little about their system.  Well maybe they will teach me... More »
Re: Citrus, blueberries and potatoes planted     02/20/2014
I would love to do veggies but with the dogs, my whole yard is polluted. We talked about doing a rai... More »
Re: March Events at Kingwood Library     02/20/2014
I went to the photography class once.  It was decent.  Joined a photo group from it.... More »
Re: teaching cooking     02/19/2014
[/quote] @mogopups: I said chicken alfredo! [/quote] @BooBear: Sorry BooBear. I didn't mea... More »
Re: teaching cooking     02/19/2014
Spaghetti Bolognese  -   Not sure what this is???? Stew or Pot Roast (does he have a slow cooker)... More »
Re: teaching cooking     02/19/2014
Thanks, now I want a muff!!Good suggestions........ More »
teaching cooking     02/19/2014
DS is coming home from college this weekend and wants me to teach him how to cook some delicious foo... More »
Re: who doesn't like a text at 3:30 in the morning?     02/17/2014
I use an app called Silent Time.  You can set it for any time and then go in and say who can call t... More »
Re: Kings Harbor Concert Series Anounced     02/15/2014
Let's get a group to go see 8 seconds on March 7th.... More »

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