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Re: Critic this photo     05/24/2013
Fofa I think that pic is a little busy for dynamic range.  I don't like seeing the light coming in ... More »
Re: Critic this photo     05/24/2013
@DavidWebb I will sell you a used Olympus DSLR for 200-300.  I have two lenses and an external flas... More »
Re: topcat!!     05/24/2013
Isn't that a personal question!!!!!... More »
Re: Graduation     05/21/2013
Congrats silly.  Wear something very comfortable.  You will stand outside waiting to get in and th... More »
Re: K stickers and East End Park and proposed parking     05/20/2013
Is this still true that a K sticker is not needed at East End park?  ... More »
Re: Anxiety Relief for Pets     05/17/2013
I had a friend that used something like that, not sure how good it worked.... More »
Re: On today's Katie     05/16/2013
I recorded it and watched it.... I like watching both of those shows.  I love the intense color in ... More »
Re: Free Moving boxes     05/16/2013
I needed them over the weekend.  bummer!!!... More »
Re: well whats for....     05/16/2013
So last night we had baked chicken breast, Quinoa and bacon wrapped asparagus.  then for dessert we... More »
Re: "Mutt" not politically correct anylonger     05/16/2013
Mexican Hairless DogThe Xoloitzcuintli (/ʃoʊloʊ.iːtsˈkwiːntli/shoh-loh-eets-kweent-lee); is ... More »
Re: Eddie!     05/12/2013
He likes to hang with the big dogs.  What a cutie!... More »
Thankful for digital pics     05/11/2013
I could never afford to get this amount of prints......  I am not sure I can afford enough digital ... More »
Re: eating clean     05/11/2013
Lots of raw fruits and veggies... More »
Re: attic tents     05/10/2013
We lay styrofoam over the stairs to insulate.... More »
Re: Sick New Caney HS Boy     05/09/2013
@topcat did that say his mom is here from Utah?  Who was he living with here?  ... More »
Re: 1st visit to Austin     05/09/2013
We will make another trip to Austin soon.   Where should we eat?... More »
Re: Dinner     05/09/2013
Quinoa and chicken and mushrooms.  ... More »
facebook changes     05/09/2013
New search on facebook.  Slight new look.  Does anyone else have it?... More »
Re: 1st visit to Austin     05/09/2013
Traffic is always bad in Austin.... More »
Re: Rental House? Anyone?     05/09/2013
I know someone been looking for a while and said there just wasn't a lot out there.  ... More »

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