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juicing vs blending     10/26/2013
Does anybody do either?  I have been doing both lately.  The juicer is much harder to clean but ea... More »
Re: What to cook for dinner?     10/26/2013
Well I ended up with pork chop pieces marinated in crushed garlic and crushed apple.  When cook... More »
What to cook for dinner?     10/26/2013
I am so used to salads and simple things.  DS is home and I thought I would cook.  He had no sugge... More »
Re: Peter Pam Costume     10/25/2013
Was that like the 70's in New Orleans?... More »
Re: Dog obedience training     10/25/2013
Mine must be too used to their pronged collars they pull like crazy again. I am thinking back to one... More »
Re: weekend plans??     10/25/2013
Hopefully doing some photography on Sunday.... More »
Re: I hate certain recipes     10/22/2013
I usually make my own concoction, I do like crab boil to spice things up or cayenne.  It's a cajun ... More »
garlic press     10/22/2013
Anybody have one they love?  I just bought one but it doesn't seem to press all the garlic through.... More »
Re: New Study why coffee is addictive     10/22/2013
I always loved the smell of coffee.  I was a social drinker until this summer.  My kids explained ... More »
Re: Public Opinion     10/21/2013
I like the blanket. Oh I mean #1.  More elegant.#2 looks like santa's naughty helper. #3 is ok but... More »
Re: Good morning mpjp0907     10/21/2013
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!Hope you have a wonderful day!... More »
Re: Why I have Lots of Insurance     10/20/2013
I think there may have been better options than ice chest.  Maybe a table or a 40 foot ladder or re... More »
Re: Has sprint cell phone service improved? Need advice. iPhone addiction     10/20/2013
Sprint is ok now that they have updated their towers but all in all I am getting tired of their bs. ... More »
Re: Car show!     10/20/2013
I thought about it.... but didn't make it....... More »
Re: javaman     10/19/2013
@TheGuru: We have extra dogs, don't worry.  Come join. I took mine out today for a short walk ... More »
Re: Winner!!     10/18/2013
Congrats, what time is dinner?... More »
Re: I'm freezing     10/18/2013
Hot tea!!!! Maybe that will warm me up.... More »
Re: Fear The Real Killer     10/18/2013
News is always focused on the wrong thing.... More »
Re: Hate my screwups and Garmin maps rant     10/18/2013
I have been driving downtown a lot and never remember the gps so I am using navigation on my phone a... More »
Farmers Market     10/17/2013
I am not sure what to call it because there wasn't a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I like to buy h... More »

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