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Re: Hunter's Ridge     08/28/2017
I would only worry if I was near that creek that runs along the greenbelt towards Bear Branch Elem.... More »
Re: Senior portrait     01/06/2017 is by far the best in the area. I have no connection to her busines... More »
Re: Pictures Taken     11/16/2016
@allymansfield: This is what you get when you go to big box places that hire people with no expe... More »
Re: Kingwood Pedestrian Tunnel Update     08/30/2016
I was just thinking that the kids were running out of places to spray paint. ... More »
Re: Ding dong ditch in Hunter's Ridge...     07/02/2016
Happened to us a while back at 3am. We had two kids under 3 at the time and it woke them up. I disco... More »
Re: Kingwood Library Hours     07/01/2016
@angiecoach: Closed on Monday. It is open normally right now.  ... More »
Re: Elio car     07/01/2016
@elguapo: I haven't been able to find any law that says that. Motorcycles yes, Autocycles ??? ... More »
Re: Elio car     07/01/2016
@sweetie: If an Autocycle could drive for free in the HOV like a motorcycle, then I would think ... More »
Re: pot smell in my back yard....     07/01/2016
Saw a couple guys smoke a J just outside the Hunter's Ridge pool this week. -_-... More »
Re: Kingwood Library Hours     07/01/2016
10-9 except when it is 10-6 or 1-9. ... More »
Re: Kids Breaking Into Cars - Woodspring Forest     07/01/2016
My hitch was stolen off my truck! Really? Why? I hope they dropped it on their foot and broke a big ... More »
Re: Elio car     06/29/2016
It's been a long time since I rode, but you used to have to have a minimum amount of health insuranc... More »
Re: Elio car     06/29/2016
@QueenB: Sorry, but helmet required for autocycles unless you get a special provision.  http:/... More »
Re: Elio car     06/29/2016
Vaporware. Elio has missed so many deadlines I can't count them anymore. They are pretty much a runn... More »
Re: First DSLR and First Photos :)     06/28/2016
Enjoy it! Let me know if you have any questions!Buy Peterson's Understanding Exposure if you really ... More »
Re: I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/31/2016
Zoo has a lot of culpability. Every witness statement said the kid went quickly from public area to ... More »
Re: Recs for GREAT photographer for Senior pictures?     04/12/2016
@Fallon: The prices for great ones, at least. You can definitely get cheaper, but in either case... More »
Re: Recs for GREAT photographer for Senior pictures?     04/06/2016
The best photographer for senior pictures in the area is KellyAnneStyle. No one else is even close. ... More »
Re: How to make really thick foam for coffee?     04/04/2016
You need to hold the milk so that the steam wand is just below the surface. It will make a different... More »
Re: Chez Nous     09/24/2015
A food critic I know said it would be a trendy spot if it wasn't for its location. Put it in midtown... More »

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