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Re: Bees     07/22/2017
Please do NOT kill the bees; call a professional who can relocate them.  There is a serious ongoing... More »
Re: Lazy mailman     07/22/2017
We've had this happen also.....KW deserves better mail service.... More »
Re: Saw this snake in my backyard just now     07/20/2017
Looks like a pit viper; triangular head.  We've seen large copperheads....not always small.... More »
Re: Dog park at East End     07/19/2017
Actually a bad idea....dogs are pack animals; put several of them together and they will start tryin... More »
Re: City of Kingwood     07/19/2017
We've been here 29 years and I think traffic is the largest drawback...same road system for triple t... More »
Re: Polls show majority of Americans believe no Collusion occurred     07/18/2017
Our country needs to heal after eight years of Obamas policies.  We need to get on with America's b... More »
Re: Bird in oven exhaust vent     07/18/2017
Does it possibly have a nest?... More »
Re: Pobelly's     07/17/2017
Got a sandwich there yesterday; it was awesome :)... More »
Re: HPD in Kingwood     07/16/2017
Yes, KW has ticket writer cops (stop signs).  Husband got two tickets 8 days apart ($250 each); sam... More »
Re: Kingwood Drive accident     07/15/2017
The college kids are here for the summer......... More »
Re: Dow sets record-high close     07/12/2017
Buffaloglenn you need to understand that many retirement plans and other programs are tied to the st... More »
Has anyone tried Hughesnet?... More »
Re: The Clubs Of Kingwood Issues Statement     07/11/2017
We pay $420 full membership BUT bill runs about $700 a month with meals, extra.... More »
Re: Fromm dog food     07/10/2017
I just went to the website and, yes, they still sell Fromm dog food.... More »
Re: Fromm dog food     07/10/2017
I just ordered it a couple of weeks ago from Chewy. ... More »
Cute Mixed Breeds for Adoption at Houston Shelter     07/09/2017
Just saw the cute mixed breeds at the Houston Shelter being offered for Adoption. Spay or neuter yo... More »
Re: Spay and Neuter! Shameful!!!     07/08/2017
As I said these puppies are the products of lazy irresponsible owners.  AKC breeders have had a spe... More »
Re: Spay and Neuter! Shameful!!!     07/08/2017
The surplus of unwanted puppies being turned in is not the product of breeders but irresponsible own... More »
Pit Bull Mix Kills Pet Dog in Kingwood Cove     07/07/2017
A pit bull mix killed a pet dog being walked by a grandmother and her granddaughter in Kingwood Cove... More »
Fox News Reports Pit Bull Mix mauls young boy     07/06/2017
It was also on the local news this afternoon. Story is on Pit Bull mix viciously ... More »

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