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Re: Woman walking in the middle of KWD     07/25/2016
Small world with big problems... More »
Re: Do you feel lucky?     07/25/2016
Hope you guys gets some more needed rain.  I bet it has been brutally hot there. ... More »
Re: **MISSING**     07/25/2016
War really sucks in so many ways. I like that old song War what is it good for? absolutely nothing!... More »
Re: Straight Outta Compton (Movie Review)     07/24/2016
there is an NWA song called " Just Don't Bite It"  I use to like that song back in the day.  ... More »
Re: Healthy Tips     07/24/2016
Thats is freaking funny.  Thanks for the laugh. ... More »
Re: Straight Outta Compton (Movie Review)     07/24/2016
Yes, i watched it back in May.  Good movie but man I was cursing like a sailor for a few days after... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     07/20/2016
@Fallon: Can't wait!!!   We are big apple lovers!... More »
Re: I broke down and bought     07/19/2016
@RogueHippEE: Cookie overload!... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     07/19/2016
Awesomeness, love me some Joe's Crab Shack and so does my family.   Thank you KDC . Can you come to... More »
Re: Took my DW to the new Costco     07/19/2016
There is sweet tomatoes were I live in GA but I just can't do a buffet, even a healthy one. ... More »
Re: Ok, thats it!!!! I am gettin nekked......     07/19/2016
You guys are gettin jiggly with it. ... More »
Re: RNC     07/19/2016
I didn't see the speech but I saw CNN talking about it and how it was very similar to Michelle's.  ... More »
Re: I broke down and bought     07/19/2016
What kind of ice cream is it?... More »
Re: 59 lbs later...     07/19/2016
That is feeaking Awesomeness!  What a huge accomplishment!!  Major congrats man!  You are rocking... More »
Crockpot today     07/19/2016
I just put some black eye peas, Cajun sausage, Tasso, onions, celery and Tony's seasoning in the cro... More »
Re: A sucker born every minute and I think I married one...     07/19/2016
I love having big dogs that bark when someone comes to the door.  I will really miss having dogs wh... More »
Pool chemical questions     07/18/2016
My eyes are burning after swimming at the community pool. I found out they only check the levels on... More »
Re: Wine streaming from Amazon Prime     07/18/2016
Ravenswood is great.  I went to the winery in Northern CA too, nice wines. ... More »
Re: boy it's pouring down raining     07/18/2016
Oh man, I though you guys would finnally get rain.  I hear it is hot and dry with grass dying.I... More »
Re: What are your plans...     07/18/2016
went swimming at the pool, mowed the weeds( this house is suppose to have Bermuda grass but the prev... More »

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