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Re: Puff the Magic Dragon     10/14/2016
That song is so addictive too.  It's stuck in my head.  ... More »
Re: Firefighters are hot     10/14/2016
Butt scratch guy ruined it for me.  ... More »
Puff the Magic Dragon     10/14/2016
I was reading this book to my daughter tonight. Well more like singing the book. Anyways, afterwar... More »
Firefighters are hot     10/14/2016 ... More »
Re: Parents of teen boy support group?     10/14/2016
Not looking forward to my daughters teen years.  If she is like my husbands teen years it will be a... More »
Re: Michelle Obama's Morality Speech     10/14/2016
If it turns out these women were paid to say these things then that is just the worst most discustin... More »
Re: Low HDL     10/14/2016
I am 42 and have the same problem with HDL's too. But I am overweight by about 30 pounds.  &nbs... More »
Re: I would vote for Pence     10/14/2016
I can't even watch the news channels anymore because it is so inappropriate for my 4 year old to hea... More »
Re: I would vote for Pence     10/14/2016
I would like to write in BEN Carson but it would be a vote for Hillary so guess I won't.   ... More »
Re: Another reason to vote for Trump/Pence     10/14/2016
I hate both candidates.  Not excited at all about voting.   I will vote the person I hate ... More »
Re: Pizza tonight     10/13/2016
I ordered from Pizza Hut. My daughter loves pepperoni lovers Deep dish. I got myself a thin crust ... More »
Re: Ab crack?     10/13/2016
@AuthorMan: If you can't see your feet then your man parts are hiding too.  Food addictions suc... More »
Re: Lone Star Vet     10/13/2016
Overall He is average to good in my experience.  He did thorough exams and ordered the typical ... More »
Pizza tonight     10/13/2016
Ordered a couple medium pizzas for me and my daughter. I have no desire to cook this evening.  I ha... More »
Ab crack?     10/13/2016
So i was on Pinterest and I ran across a post for how to get an "ab crack".  REALLY?  People actua... More »
Re: The Chainsmokers on Pandora     10/12/2016
I like free and not a fan of crack, unless your talking butt crack.  LOL!... More »
Re: My daughter is a pushover     10/12/2016
I was always the one to finish group projects too.  Use to piss me off but I wanted a good grade so... More »
Re: Ronald McDonald in hiding?     10/12/2016
I can't believe people pose like that!  Those pics are in the daytime too, no like a late night aft... More »
Re: One horrible day     10/12/2016
Words can't even describe your pain i am sure.  So sorry for your family's loss.  ... More »
Re: ALDI Coming To Kingwood     10/12/2016
Too bad the Sprout store that was rumored to be in the old Sears building didn't pan out.  Aldi's i... More »

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