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Re: Don't Allow Someone To Dim Your Light....     10/21/2016
@DiverDude: Good to see you back on the board.  How have you been?... More »
Re: My dog is suffering 😥     10/21/2016
He can't tolerate glucosamine pills or NSAIDS.  He has  a very sensitive stomach.  I do give him ... More »
Re: My dog is suffering 😥     10/21/2016
This morning he practically ran in the house, on 3 legs of course.   He still wants no attention bu... More »
Re: My dog is suffering 😥     10/20/2016
Well, His vet and the orthopedic specialist saw him today.  And they both agree that he would n... More »
Re: Never Trumpers     10/20/2016
I will vote for Trump then vomiIt.  He had a good chance to really rise in the polls back when Hill... More »
Re: My dog is suffering 😥     10/20/2016
@Fallon: The X-rays didn't show arthritis.  The vet was actually really surprised he didn... More »
Re: My dog is suffering 😥     10/20/2016
He is 10He whines when I pet him and gets up and goes away from me.  ... More »
My dog is suffering 😥     10/20/2016
My golden mix tore a ligament in his knee in the right hind leg. He was examined about 3 weeks ago... More »
Re: You got a poor attitude     10/18/2016
Everybody has good and bad days.  If you find someone is constantly negative or judgemental then bl... More »
Re: Trump wants drug test for he and Hillary.     10/16/2016
Has Hilary responded to his request?I actually think it a great idea.   I am surprised Hilary's ca... More »
Re: No more Nancy Grace     10/15/2016
I miss Greta!... More »
Re: Loving this productive day     10/15/2016
me too.  doing the little things like changing light bulbs, replacing air filters and dusting vents... More »
Re: Westco donuts     10/15/2016
pumpkin donuts are my weakness or plain cake donuts... More »
gross continuing education today     10/15/2016
I am watching a webinar for continuing education and it is about forensic radiology.  The speak... More »
Re: Loving my 40's     10/15/2016
@citi74 It is hard to know where to start on the things that make my marriage strong and still ... More »
Re: Loving my 40's     10/15/2016
@citi74 There really isn't one secret. There are so many aspects to a great long lasting marriage... More »
Loving my 40's     10/14/2016
I Love my attitude and life and marriage in my 40's. Got married in 1994 and our sex life is so mu... More »
Re: Did anyone see this in the news (MSN)     10/14/2016
I use to live in Webster and Friendswood.  I totally hated  I-45!!!! Traffic backed up at all hour... More »
Re: Puff the Magic Dragon     10/14/2016
That song is so addictive too.  It's stuck in my head.  ... More »
Re: Firefighters are hot     10/14/2016
Butt scratch guy ruined it for me.  ... More »

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