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Re: Dinner ideas?     05/09/2017
Baked Spaghetti these fun spaghetti cups More »
Re: It's a female thang!     05/01/2017
maybe they are just picky about who they want to mate with.  some dragonfly's are better in the sac... More »
Re: Anyone Need Basic Dog Obedience Training     05/01/2017
@lukulele14: this belongs in the classified ads please. ... More »
Re: pyrenean mastiff     05/01/2017
@Fallon: It was a 11 month old puppy too.  very high energy but well behaved ... More »
Re: Father Killed by Home Intruder     05/01/2017
@gigem09: I know me too.... More »
pyrenean mastiff     05/01/2017
Went to the dog park yesterday and was surrounded by beautiful large dogs.  A Saint Bernard, a Bern... More »
Re: For those of you NOT on my facebook     05/01/2017
She is such a cutie pie!!... More »
Re: Father Killed by Home Intruder     05/01/2017
a lot of thefts, assaults and burglaries in that area.  Still sad the dad died defending his family... More »
Re: Good Knife store in porter     05/01/2017
guessing she means sheath not sheaves ... More »
Re: my heart is breaking .......     04/30/2017
I was lucky enough to meet your dogs once and all 3 are great loving dogs.  I am so sorry for your ... More »
Re: Golden found     04/30/2017
Take him to a vet to see if he is chipped , they do it for free. ... More »
Re: Anyone noticing a lot of out of state license plates recently or why?     04/30/2017
@Grimmie: come to Atlanta right now.  We have a major bridge out and the traffic ... More »
SimpliSafe home security     04/28/2017
Anybody use this? Pros and cons? TIAI wonder if my 60 pound dog would trigger the sensor?... More »
Re: San Diego     04/27/2017
love San Diego, beautiful city.  the zoos, the seals, the beaches, the parks, wasn't impressed with... More »
Re: Dimassas Mediterranean Buffet     04/27/2017
I just keep reading "dumb ass" on the title.  ... More »
need good womens socks     04/27/2017
I need to find some good quality socks for tennis shoes.  I wear my socks all the time with or with... More »
Re: Will you milk me?     04/27/2017
Maybe say only if you milk me first and give him a boob in the mouth.  ... More »
Re: Diet Foods Make You Fat     04/27/2017
@FoFa: You can eat a plant based diet without going completely vegetarian.  Its more about cuttin... More »
Re: The Boobear Household the last few days..     04/26/2017
@CantStandTex: Sounds like you haven't met the right person.  ... More »
Re: WTH?     04/26/2017
SO many scams these days.  I got one on my PC for a Critical Alert from Microsoft and I needed to c... More »

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