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Re: Mosquito help     08/01/2016
@cgm10sne1: Renting in Newnan ... More »
Re: Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac!!!     07/30/2016
My left arm... More »
Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac!!!     07/30/2016
OMG, I though i had been bitten by mosquitos but i am pretty sure i came in contact with a poisonous... More »
Re: Mosquito help     07/30/2016
I want to try the 100% Deet Repelent spray for dog walks and I have some Bifen I/T which is recommen... More »
Re: & you think your ex is psycho?     07/30/2016
So glad I don't have an EX.  ... More »
Re: Binge watching Stranger things.     07/30/2016
Sounds like a Sci-if mystery drama?  My DH would probably like it.  ... More »
Re: Gaudy Gold Renovation in White House?     07/30/2016
If Trump wins and I hope he does, he won't be able to get away with that much lies, deceit or crimin... More »
Re: College Degrees Is it really worth the $$?     07/30/2016
Tug boat capain sounds cool if you love boating and don't get sea sick. ... More »
Re: College Degrees Is it really worth the $$?     07/30/2016
Biggest thing is reseach the degree and the present and future job prospects.  Medical field is usu... More »
Re: No donut shop competition here     07/30/2016
I think the TX kolache needs to be hooked up with a little more flavor and options.  Like an on... More »
No donut shop competition here     07/29/2016
Here in Newnan GA there is only one donut shop!!  A Dunkin Donuts and they don't carry iced don... More »
Mosquito help     07/29/2016
Those of you who live near the woods what is your solution to reduce the mosquito bites?  I am ... More »
Re: exhausted from cleaning     07/29/2016
Thanks guys.  It was just one rough day.  Most days arent too bad and usually very fun.  The one ... More »
Re: Birthday cakes     07/28/2016
cookie company cookie cake is always yummy.  They make them in any flavor cookie you like.... More »
exhausted from cleaning     07/28/2016
After my 3 year old.... OMG, every time i tried to get any housework done today she wanted to do it.... More »
Re: Looking for a Good Auto Shop     07/28/2016
I was happy with Milstead Collision on Rayford in Spring .... More »
Re: Yard Work     07/28/2016
My realtor uses two American college guys to mow her yards. They mowed mine after we moved out unti... More »
Re: Good Honest....     07/25/2016
Sent you a message ... More »
Re: To do list     07/25/2016
Lol!  I know wish it could hire someone to do mine while I just relax at the pool or do crafts with... More »
Snack drawer/shelf     07/25/2016
I have started making a snack section in the fridge for my daughter. Single servings of sliced ched... More »

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