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Re: How much do you pay for Cable/Dish or Direct TV     08/02/2016
$106 with Dish Network. 1 hopper and 2 Joeys.  Had Direct for years love Dish way better.  Have ha... More »
Re: My date tonight     08/02/2016
I am looking forward to the elementary school years.  1st year was a learning experience, lots of g... More »
Re: Worst Movie You Have Seen     08/02/2016
@beastmode: Probably would be a porn movie but i shouldnt give tittle out.  LOL!... More »
Re: Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac!!!     08/02/2016
Update:  Went to an urgent clinic yesterday cause the itchy was spreading to my legs, and other arm... More »
Re: Worst Movie You Have Seen     08/02/2016
So many bad movies, hard to name just one.... More »
Re: My date tonight     08/02/2016
She is precious... More »
Re: My date tonight     08/02/2016
@Fallon: That is why i got a tubal ligation during my c-section so i wouldn't act stupid later. ... More »
Re: Wreck on Kingwood Drive at Specs     08/02/2016
everytime i see your avitar picture @Chrisinkingwood i want a glass of red wine!... More »
Re: Kingwood     08/02/2016
I prefer Atascocita for most big stores. But love the Kingwood small businesses ... More »
Re: Hillary's America     08/02/2016
@ProblemAgain: Just like the email scandal, she isn't guilty of any wrong doing.  She didn't li... More »
Re: Any fridge experts here?     08/02/2016
Love my Whirlpool fridge.  Had problems with LG too.  I don't think Paul's fixes LG produc... More »
fun preschool crafts     08/02/2016
@TaramayI bet Taylor would like the fun bubble wrap number game and skeleton craft.  They are s... More »
Re: getting ready to move......     08/02/2016
Never packing my stuff again.  worth the extra to pay movers to do it .. I am too old for that agai... More »
Re: Figures     08/02/2016
@Fallon: I know right and look at the libral media all over Khan and making him out to be a hero... More »
Re: Mosquito help     08/02/2016
@cgm10sne1: Its a little drive but not any worse than i was use to living in Atascocita.  It to... More »
Re: Parents accused of leaving 2-year-old alone so they could play Pokemon GO     08/01/2016
What can police do to those dumb parents?... More »
Re: Wow, some schools around the nation start back this week.     08/01/2016
Yes, here in my part of GA kids start Aug 5.  Seems a bit early to me too.  Maybe they have to sta... More »
Re: Why I dont cook bacon     08/01/2016
Try cooking it in the the oven.  It's so easy and comes out nice and crisp. ... More »
Re: Property Tax     08/01/2016
I did it myself.  Went well.  I just brought pictures of some issues I had and I found some simila... More »
Re: Gaudy Gold Renovation in White House?     08/01/2016
@ET: Probably so but the media is run by democrats and they will publicize every mistake like... More »

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