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Re: Big Green Egg     11/19/2016
A friend of mine has one and loves it.  My brother in law got an off brand one at Academy that he l... More »
Re: Favorite nibbles before Thanksging lunch     11/19/2016
Keep the nibbles light.  Fruit, nuts and one type of cheese.  With some Ritz crackers.Aldi... More »
Friday Din Din     11/18/2016
What ya having?  I have a sirlion steak marinating and will sear that up and make some bacon, onion... More »
Re: True story     11/18/2016
there are several states now that have legalized the recreational and medical use.http://www.governi... More »
Re: Rain doggone it     11/18/2016
It is so dry here in GA too!  Lots of fires in the Blue Ridge mountains.  I saw smoke trav... More »
Re: I have come to this conclussion:     11/18/2016
@TheChad what ya been smoking on your big pitt?  I am coming to town in two weeks, hmmm any ava... More »
Re: Made a BIG mistake     11/18/2016
Cool, i will try the blender trick!  Awesome, thought i just wasted $10.  ... More »
Re: Here's your safe space....     11/18/2016
Bet that domestic cat crapped itself when it saw the mountain lion!!... More »
Made a BIG mistake     11/18/2016
I went to make some coffee just now and when i opened the bag of Dunkin coffee I had the unpleasant ... More »
Re: To my DemocRat friends     11/18/2016
LOL!!!... More »
Re: Salt Grass (in Humble) Taking Reservations For Thanksgiving     11/18/2016
I think its fine to be open on a holiday.  ... More »
Re: Cornbread dressing recipe...     11/18/2016
Watching Fox and Friends right now and Paula Deen is on cooking cornbread dressing.  ... More »
Re: Cornbread dressing recipe...     11/18/2016
I grew up with rice dressing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But my DH grew up with Cornbread dress... More »
Re: Roasted Asparagus with Mushrooms     11/17/2016
I roast asparagus with mushrooms and red onions often.. Great combo!  Even Trader Joes carries that... More »
Re: Roasted Cabbage wedges with...     11/17/2016
Nobody would have to worry about a fart.  The house would already smell like one, lol!... More »
Re: It's officially     11/17/2016
The snow wasn't bad, it's the ice on the road that sucks.  Don't Miss the hydroplaning or slipping ... More »
Outdoor Christmas decorations     11/17/2016
I put my lights and blow up Santa and snowman out last weekend. I am sure my neighbors think I am a... More »
Re: I can feel it....Itsa coming....     11/17/2016
I want some gumbo now!  I have been eating soup everyday the last couple weeks.  We have had lows ... More »
Re: I found out where fallon hides the bodies     11/17/2016
Never been to Yellowstone but have been to the Grand Canyon a couple times and. Both times someone f... More »
Re: It begins     11/17/2016
guess you got a job?  Tile work is so messy and back labor intensive.  Best to hire, good choice.... More »

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