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Re: OMG! Zika in Porter!     09/03/2016
What about all the women who live in FL?  And birth control pills and tubal ligations are not 1... More »
Re: Good Day for Texas Teams!     09/03/2016
@coco1248: LOL!, I moved to northern GA.  ... More »
Re: what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/03/2016
typewriters, thats a good one.  I took a typewriting class in high school.  Do they even o... More »
Re: Good Day for Texas Teams!     09/03/2016
If you can't take the heat get out of TX!... More »
Re: Ribs are doing their thing     09/03/2016
Made bell pepper tacos and guacamole yesterday.  Having leftovers today.  Great football food.  T... More »
Re: Any one else approached     09/03/2016
Wow, such a bad example to her kids.  Some people don't think ahead or care.  so sad... More »
Re: OMG...     09/03/2016
Did the O help the headache at all?  Hope you are finally feeling better.  ... More »
Re: OMG...     08/30/2016
You poor thing.  Hope you can get some rest and the headache goes away.  ... More »
Kids vitamins     08/29/2016
Pediatrician said my daughter needs to switch to a multivitamin with iron. She is use to gummy vita... More »
tire warranty     08/29/2016
Are tire warranties a rip off? I need new tires , my front tires are bald. I do tire rotations ever... More »
Re: What brand of TV do you have and do you like it?     08/29/2016
we have two Vizio's we really like.... More »
Re: Trump's Physician     08/29/2016
Geez, I am getting tired of people fighting over politics.   It has just disgusted me lately.  ... More »
peanut craving     08/29/2016
I was watching Foodnetwork yesterday and someone made a PB&J banana bread with peanuts.  Ever s... More »
Re: Stuck at home so I decided to cook some stuff for mom     08/29/2016
I made mozzerella stuffed meatballs yesterday,  OMgoodness they were good!!i used this recipe &... More »
Re: First week of kindergarten...     08/29/2016
@Fallon: Cool my daughter can do that already.  When i enrolled in preschool at a church here i... More »
Re: First week of kindergarten...     08/27/2016
Sorry she got strep the first week, what a major bummer.   How is she liking kindergarten so far? ... More »
Re: Another reason why my kids graduated from A&M     08/25/2016
Ok, no mattered for or against the guns on campus law , that is just plan good college fun! I me... More »
Amazon Echo     08/19/2016
Anybody have one? My husband was gifted one. ... More »
Re: utility bill     08/19/2016
@ET: kWh used 2778  and bill before fees was 331.74  then they tack on environmental  complia... More »
Re: utility bill     08/19/2016
@ET: I am renting and have my own fridge in the garage and the landlords in the house.  Actuall... More »

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