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Re: Elf on the shelf..pfft     12/09/2016
Seriously, kids fall for this and parents want to do this everyday for a whole month. ¬†I'll pass! ¬... More »
Re: Who installs security cameras?     12/09/2016
Next house i buy i want to hook it up with all the security and smart gadgets.  Can't be to saf... More »
Re: My dog blew her knee out     12/09/2016
glad she peed, its normal for it to take awhile after surgery even for humans. ¬†I got in an argumen... More »
Re: My day..     12/07/2016
Sounds like heaven got a gem. ¬†Sorry for your loss. ¬†¬†... More »
Re: What's your robot making for dinner tonight?     12/07/2016
That would be freaking awesome amaze balls fantastic!!¬†... More »
Re: Obesity or diabetes concerns     12/07/2016
food is a drug. ¬†Some are more likely to get addicted than others. ¬†So easier said than done.It ca... More »
Re: Air Force One     12/07/2016
Its like when you buy a new car. You have to threaten to walk out in order to get the best deal some... More »
Remote/key finder?     12/06/2016
Does such an item exist? I keep losing my tv remote. ... More »
Re: Air Force One     12/06/2016
If he can get a better deal then great. ¬†Why are people upset he wants to save Americans money? ¬†I... More »
Re: new eye RX today     12/06/2016
Got my new Rx today and still see slanted! ¬†So frustrating!... More »
Re: More flooring bs     12/06/2016
That really bites. ¬†Flooring is so freaking expensive, they better fix it. ¬†Can you cancel payment... More »
Re: Could this be the end ?     12/06/2016
I had a boyfriend try to teach me in high school but i never really liked it. ¬†... More »
Re: Sabra Hummus Recall     12/06/2016
I have eaten a few containers with those dates and my 4 year old but we haven't gotten sick thank go... More »
Sabra Hummus Recall     12/06/2016
Discard Hummus with best buy date through Jan. 23, 2017.  May have listeria! More »
Re: Soup and Slippers     12/04/2016
I had to make cornbread too! I made the. Cracker Barrel country store mix ones!! It has melted b... More »
Soup and Slippers     12/04/2016
It's a cold, wet dreary day here in GA. A soup and slippers kinda day. Eating some white bean n k... More »
Re: My dog blew her knee out     12/03/2016
My 10 year old golden blew his knee out in September/October of this year. He wasn't a good candida... More »
Re: Might need to check on my neighbors     11/30/2016
Nothing wrong with a pearl necklace. ¬†ūüėĆ... More »
Apple watch     11/30/2016
Anyone have one? DH finally said what he wants for Christmas.  Do you like it on waste of $?... More »
Re: Now this is some serious concealed carry     11/30/2016
A little overkill but looks like it would be comfortable in comparison to some holster options I hav... More »

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