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Re: Might need to check on my neighbors     11/28/2016
@FreebyrdII: we had 2 Vultures camp out on our chimney for over a week.  ... More »
Re: .....I Almost Got Scammed, Dudes.... HOME SCAM     11/28/2016
My choices were very limited here in GA too because of having dogs over 50 pounds.  And the housein... More »
Cyber Monday     11/28/2016
Any good deals today?  I have most of my shopping done.  Just need some stocking stuffers and mayb... More »
Favorite Turkey Day Dishes     11/24/2016
What was the biggest hit on your menu today?My husband made bacon wrapped asparagus that were the fi... More »
Re: Clinton urged to recount     11/23/2016
@FoFa: Are they really blaming the Russians? OMG! ... More »
Re: Happy Thanksgiving     11/23/2016
Happy thanksgiving!  May you have more food than can be eaten in a day, afternoon naps and lots fun... More »
Re: new eye RX today     11/23/2016
@Hattiestore1: What did the new doctor change? I see the same doctor next week but I will ge... More »
Re: It begins     11/23/2016
Sounds like a vacation needs to scheduled during a total floor redo.  ... More »
Re: today it starts in the kitchen.....     11/23/2016
how many folks ya serving? sounds like an army... More »
Re: Help, small cool gifts     11/23/2016
Pistachios or something that is just a little pricey that they may like but wouldn't spend the money... More »
Re: new eye RX today     11/23/2016
I think it is the prism strength too.  It increased a lot from my last pair.  I have an appointmen... More »
new eye RX today     11/22/2016
Got my new progressive eye glasses with a stronger RX and it is strange getting use to them.  when ... More »
Re: White Sinks     11/22/2016
Never had a problem with stains but hated how easily the porcelain sinks scratched.... More »
Re: Politico: Why the electoral college is important     11/22/2016
Nothing in politics or government is ever 100% perfect. ... More »
Re: $10 Christmas Gifts     11/22/2016
Some great ideas!  Love the quick pick idea.  Something I don't have to pack and can just buy at a... More »
Re: RIP Barb     11/22/2016
What a rough time for your dad.  So sorry.  Loss is so hard, both animal and human, especially dur... More »
Re: New Construction homes Yea or Nay?     11/22/2016
I couldn't be there everyday. We are thinking of buying over 1 hour north of our current residence. ... More »
Re: My dinner for thanksgiving if i have to deal w family     11/22/2016
There is always family drama in life but I sure wish my MIL and my mom were still alive.   I miss t... More »
Re: Turkey Reminder     11/22/2016
I am looking forward to turkey gumbo!... More »
Re: Christmas Tree     11/21/2016
Artifiical  Have had the same tree for 11 years.  It is prelite and i got it at Target. &n... More »

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