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Re: Valentine's     02/14/2017
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!... More »
Re: Can a uneven floor be fixed?     02/14/2017
Can squeaky floors be fixed?   The upstairs of the house I am renting has some loud areas.  ... More »
Simparica flea pill     02/14/2017
Is anyone using this oral flea medicine for their canines? I am hesitant to give these poisons to m... More »
Re: It is sooooooooooooo nice outside..     02/09/2017
Its cold and windy here in ATL.  ... More »
siamese cat personalities     02/09/2017
thinking about adopting one.  I have never owned a Siamese before.  I hear they are very smart and... More »
Re: Dog Food Recall     02/08/2017
There is so much animal cruelty in this country.  People don't even realize the effects their large... More »
Re: Would you ever let a cop search your car.     02/06/2017
What if you told the officer "I would like to call my attorney before I give you an answer to search... More »
Re: Verons Meat Market (in Atascocita) CLOSING     02/05/2017
Well makes for a good time to eat less animal products.  ... More »
Re: Netflix Documentaries     02/05/2017
@villaindave: Thanks ... More »
Re: Superbowl Sunday, What are you doing/cooking?     02/05/2017
Black bean, salsa verde and guacamole on tortilla chips Roasting some veggies for the main cours... More »
Re: It's good to get away     02/03/2017
My favorite vacation destination.  Love the Grand Canyon.  I have only been twice but it is just ... More »
Re: Netflix Documentaries     02/03/2017
@salth2o: added them to my watch list, thanks... More »
Re: Netflix Documentaries     02/03/2017
@villaindave: Unfortunately , I don't see it on Netflix. ... More »
Netflix Documentaries     02/02/2017
I have been on a documentary kick.  Mostly food/diet ones like Vegucated, Food Choices, Fat Sick an... More »
Re: Boy Scouts are now in trouble !     01/31/2017
Really, how many kids claim to be transgender?  Is it becoming a big issue in school and the scouts... More »
Re: Starbucks to hire Refugees     01/31/2017
To give them a little bit of props they did promise to hire 10,000 US vets and military spouse back ... More »
Starbucks to hire Refugees     01/31/2017
What a stupid move by the Starbucks CEO in my opinion.  Why can't you advertise the hiring of A... More »
Re: Impeach Now!!!!     01/30/2017
You don't understand the law from your statement.  Those contract workers if they are American citi... More »
Re: Amazon Echo     01/26/2017
my husband got some as gifts.  We just use it as a timer, to tell jokes, shopping list, play Pandor... More »
Re: Confession time...     01/26/2017
I am thinking about getting a golden retriever but I know i should wait.I like adult porn if the act... More »

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