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Re: Amazon Echo     01/26/2017
my husband got some as gifts.  We just use it as a timer, to tell jokes, shopping list, play Pandor... More »
Re: Confession time...     01/26/2017
I am thinking about getting a golden retriever but I know i should wait.I like adult porn if the act... More »
Re: Where is Dan Stanton     01/26/2017
Or the donut shop, joking... More »
Re: Dog Kisses Are Good For You     01/26/2017
I use to think dog kisses were gross but I don't mind them so much anymore.  Maybe its cause i ... More »
Re: There is now a name for BooBears disorder     01/26/2017
I hate the sound of slurping of hot coffee!  And the smell of popcorn in a movie theatre.i coul... More »
Re: No Jade Eggs in your lady parts     01/26/2017
and this wasn't blocked, amazing... More »
Re: Ideas for 100 days in School     01/23/2017
What is the 100 days in school?... More »
Re: Shadows     01/23/2017
cool shadows  better than spooky ones... More »
Re: No Jade Eggs in your lady parts     01/23/2017
@Retired_Engineer: OMG!  Thats just crazy.... More »
Re: No Jade Eggs in your lady parts     01/23/2017
Jade is bleached with acid to remove pigments which causes the jade to become porous and more prone ... More »
Re: Inauguration Crowd Size     01/23/2017
Really, there is nothing better to report?  Such childish reporting in my opinion.... More »
Re: Women's rights     01/23/2017
I understand a protest but it was more of a curse and bash than protesting policy.  Why didn't peop... More »
Re: Kellyanne Conway     01/23/2017
Kellyanne is a great woman.... More »
Re: Trump impeachment     01/17/2017
vomit... More »
Re: Friday celebration     01/17/2017
Now that you mention it, I think i will throw a dinner party Friday.  Need to see what is on sale i... More »
Never Democrat again!     01/16/2017
I am so pissed at the continued protest by many Democrats.  Especially, 31 representatives who can'... More »
Re: Ringling Bros. Shutting down circus.     01/15/2017
I am glad to hear this!   Though they moved the elephants to their own "sanctuary"  They are still... More »
Re: ....Ridin' The Wave....     01/14/2017
riding the wave of life over her in the ATL... More »
Re: BB&B Store clearance sale     01/14/2017
agree with ProblemAgain.My only New Years resolution this year is to cook more at home.  Which mean... More »
Re: Window lady at HEB     01/14/2017
REally?  That would piss me off.  I hated the newspaper folks and the wind energy people too.... More »

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