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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary     01/06/2017
I watched it for the first time and can totally relate.  Thinking seriously about getting a juicer ... More »
Re: Celebrities urging Congress to stop Trump     01/04/2017
Does anyone care what celebs think?  They don't live in the average Americans real world.... More »
Re: My Posts Are Naked!     01/04/2017
That is the coolest thing about the internet you can be naked and no one knows!  Though i do wonder... More »
Re: For women that get their hair colored     01/04/2017
I really don't understand the vibrant color fad that is going on now.  I understand teens and twent... More »
Re: Making Dog Treats     01/02/2017
My dog loves the high value tuna ones!  She did tricks at a fast pace to earn her treats and she wa... More »
Re: Making Dog Treats     01/02/2017
My dog won't eat any type of biscuit treat.... More »
peanut butter is bad for dogs, who knew?!     01/02/2017
Well i was reading some comments on dog food treat recipes and several people were saying peanut but... More »
Making Dog Treats     01/02/2017
Its been a rainy dreary day and I am making dog treats to spoil my senior dog in the New Year.  ... More »
Re: The chad brisket question     12/23/2016
Brisket in the oven just tastes different than a smoked one.   It will be more like a roast.  Mari... More »
Re: To DIE for.......OMG....     12/23/2016
Bet your dog would love some in his Christmas stocking! ... More »
Returning Christmas Gift question     12/23/2016
My husband bought me a new iMac for Christmas. My current 5 year old one is been going haywire late... More »
Re: Lost Dogs on kingwood dr     12/21/2016
any update on the two lost dogs?... More »
Re: Pregnancy Changes a women brains     12/19/2016
I think most women would tell you this already, what a waste of money.  ... More »
Re: If this is true, they're going off the deep end...     12/19/2016
@Metro07: I was just stating the law not my opinion... More »
Re: Babysitting rate     12/16/2016
I think i was 11 or 12 when i started babysitting.  But i was a responsible kid at least till i tur... More »
Re: Ice Castles     12/16/2016
@yankeejessica: Yes it is.  I remember my sister running around the house dancing like a bird f... More »
Re: Ice Castles     12/16/2016
Ice Cream Castles in the summer time!  Sorry couldn't help myself.  My sister played this Time rec... More »
Re: Obama's birth certificate forgery     12/16/2016
hopefully no more tax dollars are wasted on that birth certificate issue.  He will be out in a mont... More »
Re: If this is true, they're going off the deep end...     12/16/2016
The entire United States is covered by the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discr... More »
Re: What to get a 3yr old....     12/15/2016
@ZMAN: pretty much  sums up mine at 3 as well.  Those dang Shopkins!  what a rip ... More »

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