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Re: San Diego     04/27/2017
love San Diego, beautiful city.  the zoos, the seals, the beaches, the parks, wasn't impressed with... More »
Re: Dimassas Mediterranean Buffet     04/27/2017
I just keep reading "dumb ass" on the title.  ... More »
need good womens socks     04/27/2017
I need to find some good quality socks for tennis shoes.  I wear my socks all the time with or with... More »
Re: Will you milk me?     04/27/2017
Maybe say only if you milk me first and give him a boob in the mouth.  ... More »
Re: Diet Foods Make You Fat     04/27/2017
@FoFa: You can eat a plant based diet without going completely vegetarian.  Its more about cuttin... More »
Re: The Boobear Household the last few days..     04/26/2017
@CantStandTex: Sounds like you haven't met the right person.  ... More »
Re: WTH?     04/26/2017
SO many scams these days.  I got one on my PC for a Critical Alert from Microsoft and I needed to c... More »
Re: Tuesday TRUTH Session.... I Shall Not Hold Back!     04/26/2017
@cgm10sne1: I had a patient who chopped a finger with a circular saw, that was way... More »
Re: The Boobear Household the last few days..     04/26/2017
Go small on the wedding and go big on a happy low debt life.  I had a super small wedding at the Ju... More »
Re: Diet Foods Make You Fat     04/26/2017
This is old news.  Eating plant based is the way to go.  ... More »
Re: RIP Boops     04/25/2017
Sorry for your loss.  It's the hardest part of pet ownership.  ... More »
artificially grown chicken?     04/25/2017
I don't eat chicken, beef or pork anymore but I really don't have any desire to eat artificially gro... More »
Re: Frankie the Cat is lost     04/25/2017
Glad he made it back!  I had a great cat named Frankie when I was a kid but it was a female.... More »
Re: Pollo Tropical Closing Already!     04/25/2017
I have one in my town, here in GA, but I haven't tried it.  It is not in a convenient location.  ... More »
Re: pinto beans for a few days     04/25/2017
@beastmode: Never have liked butter beans but maybe with a roux I could handle the... More »
design style     04/24/2017
What is your design style for your home?  I am kind  of a minimal traditionalist.  OR at least th... More »
pinto beans for a few days     04/24/2017
I made a  batch of pinto beans in the crock pot this weekend.  I have totally been loving all the ... More »
Re: Part time job ideas     04/24/2017
@DVaz: I worked for Pizza Hut when I couldn't get a job after college.  I listene... More »
Re: Butterflies     04/23/2017
I love love butterflys! ... More »
Re: Unique Stairs     04/23/2017
I like the one with the slide! ... More »

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