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Dog park     07/11/2013
Has anyone been by the dog park lately? Someone told me we now need to leash our dogs at all times? ... More »
Re: Interesting book     07/08/2013
By any chance do you know if these are on kindle? They sound like a great read.... More »
Re: Planned riots?     07/08/2013
That whole situation is sad, no matter what really happened we will never find out. Too many people ... More »
Re: Planned riots?     07/08/2013
Hmmm starting to sound like no ones gonna be happy on this one... More »
Re: Planned riots?     07/08/2013
Not good. Where did you hear that? Is it for houston or florida ... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/19/2012
He was missing for almost a week his daddy must have been going nuts! I felt so bad since he live ri... More »
Re: Found Small Black/Tan dog (MinPin/Dachshund Mix?)     09/19/2012
I saw a sign yesterday for a lost dog at the stop sign of flint reek and sycamore springs im pretty ... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/17/2012
Good news!!! I found his owner!! He went home yesterday to his daddy safe and sound I love happy en... More »
Re: LOST Brindle Male Dog     09/16/2012
I read the description looks like a good chance it's the same dog. Hope so for your sake ! Good luck... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/13/2012
Sorry sandy I've been on edge since I got injured and am in pain sorry bout that. And I appreciate ... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
Sorry sandy next time I won't post anything at all just to make sure I don't annoy you cause after a... More »
Re: Gun range     09/12/2012
59 gun range it used to but I haven't been there in a while. ... More »
Re: Welcome, Elm Grove Residents!...     09/12/2012
Got me what I do is I have put out heavy trash on trash pick up day and it got picked up? So I guess... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
I love your dress that's a beautiful train! To bad the pics don't allow for all the bead work... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
Lol she is my beautiful girl can you tell by the mischievous look that she runs the joint hahaha... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
Oh no that one is mine I can't figure out how to post his picture I tried cause he is cute! The los... More »
Re: Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
Your prob right but I think we've all had some kind of acc't happen, my stupid yard guys left my gat... More »
Found lost dog!     09/12/2012
This poor baby must have gotten out during today's storm. He looks like a chocolate lab and has an o... More »
Re:     04/13/2012
Also cedar works fairly well. I use cedarcide in the backyard then spray the babies with the puppy s... More »

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