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Re: Flakey dog rescue groups?     03/21/2016
Thanks y'all! I had popped by the Twyla's event this weekend, but they were extremely short handed b... More »
Flakey dog rescue groups?     03/20/2016
Hey all, long time! I wanted to check with y'all and ask your experience with the local dog rescues... More »
On line shopping question     11/18/2015
I use it & like it a lot. It saves me tons of money. Amazon is discounted thru EBates also. ... More »
Re: ASMR Ghost stories     10/28/2015
Omg this asmr stuff is creeps magreeps! ... More »
Re: Tattoo Sleeves     10/28/2015
Most of the Halloween stores like Spirit Halloween carry those tattoo sleeves made of like pantyhose... More »
Re: Bulletin Boards     10/26/2015
@asmith7501 I used to post on the bulletin boards in all the apartment complexes around town. Talk t... More »
Re: would you ...     10/23/2015
@staylifted I use Manic Panic, you can find it at Sallys Beauty Supply. make sure to use a vegetable... More »
Re: would you ...     10/23/2015
I dye my papillons tail from time to time. I use vegetable dye & make sure it doesn't touch her ... More »
Re: Last time at a restaurant     10/20/2015
@donnatella: I can't stand the place. Last trip in, I had freaking glass in my beans! The food i... More »
Re: Crazy Hair Colors     10/17/2015
@allymansfield Ive got a hair appointment a couple weeks from now to have my hair dyed hues of dusty... More »
I saw an idea online to go as one of the new snapchat filters & I thought it was pretty funny. I alw... More »
Re: My last day!     10/01/2015
@cbp210 It's definitely not for lack of work. I'm just taking an opportunity to switch things up, an... More »
My last day!     09/30/2015
Today is the last day I am an advertiser here on! I've been nervous to tell people, but I ... More »
Re: Brewingz Kingwood     09/30/2015
I like the wings at The Draft better than Brewings, BUT I like the flavors that Brewings has & t... More »
Re: Brewingz Kingwood     09/29/2015
I like the wings at The Draft better than Brewings, BUT I like the flavors that Brewings has & t... More »
Re: Halloween ??     09/25/2015
I'm going out with a group of people downtown. We're all dressing as Mario Kart characters. I'm goin... More »
Re: What a scam!     09/25/2015
Uhhhhh. Lol. Yea every mascara commercial since I can remember have had models with layers of fake e... More »
Re: Houston Gun Shop - alert     09/14/2015
Is that the shop in front of Pinehurst? That's where I got my gun & let me tell ya, it was a bit... More »
Re: Red headed woodpecker     09/13/2015
I used to be terrified of woodpeckers as a kid. I was convinced they'd peck my eyes out!But now I lo... More »
Re: Stay away     09/13/2015
I've had terrible service at every Taco Cabana in town. They're all understaffed, and a lot of the s... More »

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