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Lost dog Bear branch     01/14/2017
They should be able to give you owner info over the phone.... More »
Lost dog Bear branch     01/14/2017
They are open. Please call them.... More »
Re: Lost dog Bear branch     01/14/2017
Can you PM me the vet clinic name on the tag?... More »
Re: USPS Rant     12/16/2016
Unfortunately UPS routes a lot of packages through the local Post Office so even though you think it... More »
Missing Female German Shepherd Mix!     12/10/2016
Please post signs at every subdivision exit on KW drive, Northpark and WLH. Just put her picture wit... More »
Re: Microchip registration     12/01/2016
Search this to figure out what kind of chip your dog has.... More »
Re: Lost Dog Black and White Border Collie     12/01/2016
Re microchip registrations....   If you don't know the chip number take your dog to any vet and the... More »
Re: Dog food choices     11/29/2016
I use Kirklands.  Good value and quality.... More »
Re: Elm Grove     11/28/2016
The water testing thing is a sales ploy by a company called Everwell. I googled the number on the pa... More »
Re: Maybe he thinks she's suffered enough     11/22/2016
Trump never had any intentions of doing half the things that he said. It was all a circus show to wi... More »
Re: Just filled up at Costco     11/14/2016
The only snag is that the gas station is not open when the store is closed.  ... More »
Re: Isn't time to get rid of it?     11/11/2016
I still don't understand why one person's vote counts more than another person's just because of whe... More »
Re: Politico: Why the electoral college is important     11/10/2016
@ALetterToElise: The joke may be on them tho as he is filling his transition team with Washingt... More »
Re: Politico: Why the electoral college is important     11/10/2016
But why should a Democrat's vote in Texas, or a Republican's in a "Democrat" state, be worth less th... More »
Re: Electricity companies in Kingwood     11/04/2016
Compare rates on More »
Re: Did you feel this way when you went to vote?     11/03/2016
I didn't vote. I drove by but the line was so long and i decided neither candidate was worth that mu... More »
Heartworm positive     11/01/2016
I have put several dogs through this and used both slow and fast kill. Most vets now start both the... More »
Re: Need help Pet Rescue Info     10/31/2016
@coco1248: I can assure you that no-one in rescue is in it to make money. Rescue groups spend wa... More »
Re: anyone Vote this morning????     10/28/2016
I went about 12.30, drove around the parking lot. The line was soooo long so I left again. Will try ... More »
Re: Police directing traffic at the new HEB     10/28/2016
I think we all knew that that corner was going to be a mess when the HEB opened, with the number of ... More »

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