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Re: KW Drive underwater     07/09/2017
We made it home to the back of KW but couldn't turn onto KW Drive which is closed in both directions... More »
Re: Spay and Neuter! Shameful!!!     07/08/2017
@podunk: So will I. All my dogs are mixed breed mutts.  My point is that they crossbreed these do... More »
Re: Spay and Neuter! Shameful!!!     07/08/2017
@doddlebug:  Have you been up to Tractor Supply on a Saturday or Sunday recently? Their parking l... More »
Re: Kingwood 4th Of July Parade     07/04/2017
Just go to Facebook and search More »
Damn GOOD...........Pueblo Viejo     06/30/2017
We went to Pueblo Viejo tonight. Haven't been there in a long time but were up there so figured that... More »
Re: Prayer request     06/30/2017
Lola, I have a dog with Protein Losing Enteropathy. If this is one of her problems give me a call. W... More »
Re: Found Dog: Shih Tzu male     06/20/2017
He may belong to an elderly person or someone who does not use the internet. Please post signs if yo... More »
Re: What do you do to prepare?     06/20/2017
Nothing for this but for Ike we had no electricity for`14 DAYS.   We had to go far to find ice or m... More »
Re: How many women actually watch football?     06/19/2017
Not me. I can't see the point of overweight guys running for 10 seconds and then either falling over... More »
Re: Looking for Good Dermatologist     06/16/2017
If you are open to going to see a Dr who seems a little eccentric and has been practicing for 50 yea... More »
Re: Dog food help     06/14/2017
I use Kirklands from Costco but Victor is also a good choice.  If you want a "name" brand look at C... More »
Re: Found dogs in Bear Branch 06/11/17     06/12/2017
@mark293: Those microchips probably start with 981 and if so are registered with  ... More »
Re: Mattress shopping     05/29/2017
I agree about the car salesman pitch and the "return policy" is not very flexible in my experience. ... More »
Re: So much for the super-secure chip     05/27/2017
Europe has had chip and pin technology for years. You have always had a pin number for credit cards ... More »
Re: Just backed up my car into the house     05/24/2017
Don't feel bad. Stuff happens. Many years ago I backed out of the garage and scraped my car all the ... More »
Last Day to get Texas Animal Cruelty Law to the House     05/20/2017
Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN)3 hrsRepresentative Todd Hunter is the Chairman of the Calen... More »
Re: Thank you KHOU 11 News     05/20/2017
@Brewsir: You most definitely rescued him.  ... More »
Re: chocolate lab on loose     05/20/2017
If it was a pinkish collar could you please call the number on the flyer and tell them where the dog... More »
Re: Senior dog     05/06/2017
I hope someone has the same opinion of them when they get old.... More »
Re: Obamacare Died Today     05/04/2017
If you have pre-existing conditions you are screwed. They can't deny you but you can be charged more... More »

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