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Budget cut     03/17/2017
If that is such a concern, go look at them in the wild and get back us about it. It's like running a... More »
Budget cut     03/17/2017
I'm thinking we could without any more shrimp on a treadmill spending. Whoever approved that, and an... More »
10 point buck .......     12/05/2016
Oops, glad to hear she's ok, and the car not totalled.... More »
10 point buck .......     12/05/2016
I used to hunt with a guy who managed a lease. He had a truck with lights all over the front of it. ... More »
Assault Rifle Bulets.     12/05/2016
The real problem is she keeps getting re-elected by those that believe everything she says. SJL is t... More »
Elm Grove     11/28/2016
@ET: We got tired of that years ago and got a whole house filter system. Instead of having s... More »
Elm Grove     11/28/2016
Hopefully they are in the area to pick up whoever taped a water test bag to my house. Doesn't even s... More »
Moles in my yard!!     09/26/2016
They are, like most animals, only going where the food is. Unfortunately there are a lot of insects ... More »
Did you see the upside down car?     07/15/2016
Wife and I were sitting at the intersection when that happened. The dark blue pickup turning right f... More »
What an awesome show     06/26/2016
Thank you to all involved in putting on yet another fantastic car show today in town center. They've... More »
Just for Fun: Things You Don't Say...     05/19/2016
You know, you don't sweat much for a fat girl You do know all that trembling spandex doesn't make... More »
**Question For The Gun Peeps**     04/21/2016
Texas gun trader . com... More »
Re: Fishing in Kingwood     03/27/2016
Better than shrimp, stop at one of the grocery stores on the way there and pick a couple of packages... More »
Re: ND 05     02/23/2014
To continue this rant, if your son drives a white Honda with Texas plate CTR 0968, you need to have ... More »
KDC Anniversary today for: Fixer6!!     06/12/2013
Thank you, Thank you, First let me say, I have not forgotten those who enabled me to get here. I o... More »
classifieds prices....wth!     05/26/2013
Geeze, what do y'all think about my ad? Ha!... More »
Driveway alarm     05/22/2013
What model did you get? What is the name of it? Thanks... More »
Driveway weeds     05/22/2013
Just spray, or pour as soon as you notice anything green. How fast any of it comes back depends on h... More »
Driveway weeds     05/22/2013
Spray, or pour salt water on the cracks in driveway, that way you don't have to pull the weeds. Or... More »
Nightmares & PTSD     05/11/2013
Having a "ton" of guns is what he considers normal. Cleaning them is repitative motion. He's on crui... More »

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