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Re: Fire trucks     04/16/2017
My camper is in the building across from the one that burned.  I went but they have a cop stati... More »
Re: Why is the NFL Losing Its Audience     11/24/2016
The Kaepernick thing is significant.  J.J. Watt being out for the year has lessened my interest. Th... More »
Re: About Torchys     11/16/2016
It's official...Kingwood is not a friendly place for chickens!... More »
Re: Torchys     11/07/2016
That was a rumor.  Torchy's is coming and the Observer confirmed it last month in an article.  The... More »
Re: Third party candidates fall short of debate     09/17/2016
This whole election is a farce by two corrupt political parties who care nothing about people and on... More »
Re: Kingwood High speed internet: Is there another option to replace Suddenlink internet?     09/08/2016
No issues at all with Suddenlink.  They have been great in the 18 months we've had them.  I will n... More »
Re: Century Link vs Suddenlink     07/25/2016
Century Link will never show up for repairs.  Suddenlink works on calls in the area 24/7.  Hands d... More »
Re: NM students walk out in protest of testing....     03/02/2015
Keep in mind that when you compare the US to other countries, we educate ALL children.  I've heard ... More »
Re: Internet provider     02/21/2015
Suddenlink has bandwidth caps.  If you are a cord cutter who streams everything (Netflix, Youtube, ... More »
Re: EF student tours....anyone have experience?     02/19/2015
Don't let fear stop you from the trip of a lifetime.  There are tons of Americans where you are con... More »
Re: rigos review     02/07/2015
Never had any problems there.  Several friends have been and none of them had any problems like thi... More »
Re: Rigo's Kitchen.....     01/01/2015
We've been twice.  The chicken soup is outstanding and not full of sodium like other places.  Beef... More »
Re: Rigo's Kitchen??....     12/14/2014
I don't mind giving them a shot, even if it is Mexican.  Right around that specific part of Kingwoo... More »
Re: Humble ISD to Emphasize Importance of Pre-K Education     12/12/2014
@ctl74: Let's clarify:  that's Houston ISD, not Humble ISD.  So everyone, remember which HISD ... More »
Re: Humble ISD to Emphasize Importance of Pre-K Education     12/11/2014
Texas is NOT 46th in the nation in education.  That is the biggest lie I've heard in a long time. ... More »
Re: Hulu Plus     10/12/2014
I'd suggest people look into Plex.  Google for it.  You install it on a computer on your home netw... More »
Re: Old Sears     08/23/2014
I've heard rumors of an Aldi grocery but it's been several months since I've heard.... More »
Re: Bye Bye Randall's     08/23/2014
I don't buy it.  We all know that location doesn't do the best, but Safeway loves to bleed cash.  ... More »
Re: Rico's,,, who said this place was good     08/23/2014
Rico's is pretty poor quality and tasting "Mexican" food.  Avoid that place and go next door to Men... More »
Re: Sprint     08/17/2014
Sprint stinks!  We had them for 2 years and I left the day after my contract expired.  If you enjo... More »

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