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Who owns this Barking Dog in Greentree?     02/26/2015
@HotterThanYou: what a stupid response... More »
Brewingz: Grand Opening Today     02/25/2015
@OhHappyPets: I've been told the beer is good too...... More »
stay warm food     02/24/2015
Making a big ol lasagna for us tonight. More »
im getting tattooed this friday     02/24/2015
No truly professional tattoo artist would devalue their time or work like that. Backyard tattoos... More »
Kroger Aggravated Robbery     02/24/2015
@BlissfullyRetired: Why would I put you on ignore if you're going to continue to bring my na... More »
Kroger Aggravated Robbery     02/24/2015
It's true...I am the sweet one. @BlissfullyRetired [img] More »
Cooking just like mommy     02/22/2015
@BBQguy: DH, DD, and I were wondering around Gruene today and saw that apron set in one of t... More »
Again, up in the wee hours....     02/21/2015
@Stealth83: OMG...that would be so nice! This pregnancy has wiped me out so much more th... More »
New Orleans     02/21/2015
@attila: Seriously! LOL!... More »
New Orleans     02/21/2015
@attila: No, my husband. He's a former Marine who owns too many guns to count. He's bought "... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
@mutton: Liberal... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
@OhHappyPets: LOL! It's funny because, well...Kenny. :laugh:... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
@BlissfullyRetired: Still feeling the need to rationalize your comment?... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
Yeah....uh huh! Whatever makes you feel better. Don't try to place me in the same scummy category... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
[img] More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
@BlissfullyRetired: I don't care who they elected. Referring to black people as "knot heads"... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
@BlissfullyRetired: WTF?!?! I mean...seriously! If that's how you refer to people, you shouldn'... More »
New Orleans     02/20/2015
I have to agree with @OhHappyPets . I feel safer in NO than downtown Houston on any given day. Obvio... More »
Science Fair Project     02/19/2015
@OhHappyPets: The famous wiener roaster. ... More »
CVS messed up. :(     02/19/2015
I would need those blood pressure pills to keep me from killing someone!... More »

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