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Thinking of you guys!     08/28/2017
@AuthorMan: It was nothing for us! Just rain and wind, but we're used to that out here. Only... More »
Thinking of you guys!     08/28/2017
Hello old friends! I've been thinking of you all from out here in the Hill Country. Sounds like most... More »
Meeting with Preschool teacher this afternoon, HELP!     09/13/2016
At 4 years old, of course she has trouble transitioning from 1 activity to another! Especially if th... More »
Re-homing a pet?     09/01/2016
Is it possible to hold out a bit longer? I know one of my dogs was not a fan of my daughter when she... More »
Shakeology     08/31/2016
@Yankeerose: They give me a small energy boost, so I do tend to be a bit more productive whe... More »
Hill country question     08/31/2016
@Champagnechola: Pretty much the same time as Houston. Maybe a week or so soomer, as it isn'... More »
Fawns     08/23/2016
She's probably close. It's about that time when they start to venture a little on their own. The bab... More »
DoughNUTS     08/23/2016
I mean...he was stupid for not coming home with at least some form of doughnut. Even the wrong dough... More »
cooking bacon in oven     08/13/2016
@soxs mom: That's how I do it. Putting it in a cold oven makes such a huge difference! ... More »
School Staring Help!     08/08/2016
Put them to bed 10 to 15 minutes earlier every 2 to 3 days until they're going to bed and waking up ... More »
Sleep or lack of     08/07/2016
@Fallon: I thought the same thing!! I would die at 77! Ours stays on 71 or 72. ... More »
Sleep or lack of     08/06/2016
@foxymama: I mean...who wouldn't enjoy snuggling this?!?! [img] More »
Sleep or lack of     08/06/2016
@Maisey1: And...the water heater busted! But my husband runs a plumbing supply warehouse, so... More »
Sleep or lack of     08/06/2016
@Maisey1: And...the water heater busted! ... More »
Sleep or lack of     08/06/2016
We didn't sleep well either. The wee man was up by 11 and refused to go back to his own bed. Teethin... More »
Child Porn Charges For Harris County Employee     08/04/2016
WTF?!?! As if it weren't bad enough that those poor kids were sexually assaulted. This sack of crap ... More »
My date tonight     08/02/2016
@foxymama: LOL! With the attitude my girl has at 3...I am dreading 4!... More »
fun preschool crafts     08/02/2016
@foxymama: Those are cute! We were just talking about skin and bones the other day, so I'll ... More »
Going to be a long day.     08/02/2016
@ctl74: All we have today is sister's dance class after nap time. His motrin has kicked in f... More »
Going to be a long day.     08/02/2016
My boy has slept like crap for a week now. Pushing 4 teeth at once. Getting 3 shots yesterday isn't ... More »

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