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Re: Texas Cares     01/13/2017
There are some really good wines from Texas however our weather here is so hard on good crop yields... More »
Re: Is there any real news?     01/13/2017
We are all biased and will find outlets we agree with one way or the other.  The problem seems to m... More »
Re: Restaurants in Sugarland     01/12/2017
Veritas Steak and Seafood is pretty darn good! Bit pricey.... More »
Re: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary     01/06/2017
The big problem with Juicing is you get far more sugar than you would from eating ingredie... More »
Re: Wisdom of Mike Rowe     10/14/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I hear ya RE... I think the primary elections need a serious overhaul and for ... More »
Re: Wisdom of Mike Rowe     10/14/2016
Mike Rowe also does a similar short podcast called The way I heard it.   Very similar to the old Pa... More »
Wisdom of Mike Rowe     10/12/2016
Mike Rowe...I just can not say it any clearer. More »
Re: Wikileaks     10/12/2016
Interesting stats on my facebook trending.... Now if only like 200 million other people would read i... More »
Re: first time home buyer     10/11/2016
Could try A Dave Ramsey ELP (endorsed local provider)  I have been very happy with the ones I have... More »
Re: Meet Abigail...My New Hero!     10/07/2016
What a sweet baby girl.  God Bless her and her family.  My family wishes her the best.... More »
Re: DNC Occupies Only 34.93% Land Mass of US     10/04/2016
@mulmye: What is wrong with getting rich?  The simple fact your are typing this on this for... More »
Re: Kingwood Drinking Water Chromium-6 Carcinogen     10/04/2016
You can look into a Reverse Osmosis water filter system that will remove hexavalent Chromium from yo... More »
Re: Kingwood Drinking Water Chromium-6 Carcinogen     10/04/2016
@bshmidt: I agree that high hexavelant chromium is scary and a concern worth looking into I doub... More »
Re: Lularoe Clothing     10/02/2016
@lisapisabobisa: We are having a Pop Up at our home soon and one in a couple weeks also.  You a... More »
Re: Lularoe Clothing     09/25/2016
Donnatella,Most of the parties a very low or no pressure.  At least our are.  Just seems like a bu... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/25/2016
Sorry Sir My Bad!!!  I did miss read..... More »
Re: Lularoe Clothing     09/25/2016
My Wife sells LulaRoe.  Good quality and very comfortable from what I am told :-)  Really ... More »
Re: Self Defence     09/25/2016
Too bad she was not a better shot :-( ... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/25/2016
Surprise is right... I read several articles right after it happened that kept saying he appears to ... More »

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