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Re: Blue Angels navy aviation museum     07/21/2017
@HollyHobby: It is onboard Naval Air Station Pensacola in the Florida panhandle. It's a must see f... More »
Re: Selling a car question.     07/18/2017
Excellent advice all around. One more's super imperative that you complete the state onl... More »
HPD to Drive 🚌     07/18/2017
I was under the impression they were riding the Metro bus vs driving it?... More »
Re: Flying High     07/17/2017
Once you are an official pilot, let us know..... I call first in line for the first flight to Jamaic... More »
20 year old Kingwood man, Aggie arrested     07/16/2017
Top10% KHS Class of 2015. What a far fall for this young lady who had such a bright future. ... More »
Would you all please take a moment out.....     07/16/2017
We sent up prayers the day it happened. So very sorry for those poor families. Just heartbreaking. H... More »
Re: Flying High     07/16/2017
@ForeCPA90: That is spectacular!! I did hear that you're rockin' the Texas skies! Congratulations!... More »
Re: LSD Bust Off Northpark In Kingwood     07/10/2017
@OeeO: Did the three work there or were they using the parking lot as a meeting place? That's a re... More »
Re: KW Drive underwater     07/10/2017
@DVaz: Yes! I fully believe that the Kingwood Dr intersection right there at Randalls/Wendy's up f... More »
Re: My wife in hospital     07/07/2017
We are keeping you all in our prayers, RE....with all faith that Debbie will be out of pain and back... More »
Re: $2,000 Reward! (Video below)     07/06/2017
Friend that's an HPD officer told me that they consider paper plates a red flag. Says that so many c... More »
Re: Error message     07/06/2017
@KingwoodDotCom: Looks like we know where everyone goes when they want local info! Nice work, KDC!... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/05/2017
I know for certain that there is virtually nowhere left in Kingwood to set off an explosion. I looke... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/05/2017
@tonyaust: Thank you for coming into the lion's den with an explanation. :) There was plenty of disa... More »
Re: Fireworks     07/05/2017
There was a group of younger people setting off fireworks in the middle of the KHS parking lot last ... More »
Re: If you're going to the parade, I have one request....     07/03/2017
@Retired_Engineer: I am so sad to know that your wife is in such pain. Praying that her medical staf... More »
Re: If you're going to the parade, I have one request....     07/03/2017
@Retired_Engineer: I'm told by the owner of the ice cream bike (my DD) that cold water is "too war... More »
Re: 4th of July plans??     07/03/2017
@TXSG: I happen to know that you are a Purple Heart Recipient and a Vietnam Veteran yourself. I ap... More »
Re: If you're going to the parade, I have one request....     07/03/2017
@sweetie: I'll be there by 8AM but I THINK it starts at 10AM.  ... More »
If you're going to the parade, I have one request....     07/03/2017
COLD WATER!!!!!   If you see me running with the Dreamcycle ice cream bike, yell at me and I'll buy... More »

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