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Re:     07/12/2012
This can't possibly be true, it says that it happened IN KINGWOOD (gasp)...I mean, nothing bad ever ... More »
Re: WOW Really, no one was calling 911????     07/09/2012
@hgmag: Yup! Because the ONLY reason this happened or could EVER that it was at the ... More »
Re: ...and I'm a Mormon.     05/10/2012
@DiverDude: Actually that is quite false. They are very involved in the community and are always ... More »
Re: Please Don't Give to the Beggars     05/10/2012
@Francita: Yup.   I don't give to the people on the road or even at wal-mart... Sure they ann... More »
Re: Pet Predator on Classifieds!!!!! ALERT!!!!!     04/25/2012
@xjamiex:   As a "reputable BREEDER" she should have KNOWN this beforehand (you would think) -... More »
Re:     04/17/2012
Its not that bad - you get use to it. I hated it at first too, because it took me a little bit to u... More »
Re: This isn't good     04/09/2012
@TexINS:   LMBO. They're Their AND There, Folks. Geesh. ... More »
Re: How long is a boiled egg good for     04/03/2012
@N+T:   Its SO simple, nothing fancy - and he CRAVES it...everytime I make it (weekly) he rep... More »
Re:     04/02/2012
if you take the shell off - 2-3days.... More »
Re:     04/02/2012
up to a week. My honey LOVES my chicken salad, I make a double batch of it weekly and always b... More »
Re:     03/30/2012
I've called and complained many times... If you take it down, someone comes by to put it back up, t... More »
Re: brindle pit bull mix     03/26/2012
@SandyKnee: LOL. Right! I just caught the "He" AND "pink collar" mentioned in the first post. Funn... More »
Re:     03/22/2012
Exactly. Then again, if they tried kicking my dogs, I would be the one having the cops called on he... More »
Re:     03/21/2012
Wait, what!?! Its a sin to eat meat? So this oven roasted turkey breast pita that I am currently e... More »
Re:     03/21/2012
I accidentally walked in on an EX a few years back, he was sitting down...I even asked, "were you si... More »
Re: more dating drama     03/21/2012
@aggiebutterfly:   Hehe, I don't care for guys that, no, let me rephrase, Its a turnoff when I ... More »
Re: KONY 2012     03/10/2012
@mardigrasman: exactly!makes me shake my head with how quickly we always JUMP AND GET BEHIND the... More »
Re:     03/08/2012
I've heard great things about Grimms as well...actually my friend ordered her daughters themed b-day... More »
Re:     03/08/2012
I used Dr. S a few years back - I'd totally recommend him. He prescribed the right medication the fi... More »
Re:     02/28/2012
Its alright. Food is good. Owners ARE very nice...... More »

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