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Re: mayor Parker gets married.......     01/17/2014
@RollingStone:    "...done such a wonderful job as mayor of Houston."   "...has the best in... More »
Re: mayor Parker gets married.......     01/17/2014
@BooBear:   "is" if you are referring to them together. "are" if you are referring to them ind... More »
Re: School Shootings     01/15/2014
  @Burnsway:   I was always smaller than most growing up and the larger boys would try to bully m... More »
Re: The S#!% You Find In The Classifieds     01/15/2014
Wool, it's made from sheep.  Who wants White Wool?[img] More »
Re: The S#!% You Find In The Classifieds     01/15/2014
[url][/url]... More »
Re: The S#!% You Find In The Classifieds     01/15/2014
I think the best IRONY of it is "SAVE YOUR LAND"     ??????  Uhhhh, hello? This was originally I... More »
Re: Odor in towels     01/13/2014
If that doesn't work, try using Woolite.   That's what I use for wetsuits and dive gear. ... More »
Re: LBJ Hospital     01/12/2014
He has been admitted to stay at the hospital for a few days.  It is believed that he may now have a... More »
LBJ Hospital     01/12/2014
He is seeing a doctor now. More Xrays, blood work, IVs, etc. Getting closer. It's now been 56 hou... More »
LBJ Hospital     01/12/2014
  My father broke his arm and we brought him to the hospital. They apparently didn't have the equip... More »
Re: I need a short description     01/12/2014
@topcat:   It doesn't look like I'll be able to make it.   I'll be at the hospital.  ...yuck.... More »
Re: Sunday 6pm Los Cucos     01/09/2014
I might make it.  Not sure yet though.... More »
No charges filed in Kingwood babies death.     01/07/2014
Am I missing something? When I click on the link it goes to a story of a baby that went into cardia... More »
If Hillary Clinton won in 2016, what would Bill be? LOL     01/03/2014
Gentleman? I think he's already blown that possibility. The question is, would he be caught ag... More »
curves or bones     01/03/2014
@Haybugg: I've seen you a few times and I think you're very attractive. Honestly, if his... More »
I Love Reaing.....     01/03/2014
I had a female friend that worked at a jewelry store at the mall, a kid in the mall walked into the ... More »
anybody else have samsung phone?     01/03/2014
I have an S3 and I burnt up my memory card. It will automatically turn itself off and restart. So I... More »
curves or bones     01/03/2014
@Haybugg: I prefer physically fit. with what she's born with. But I LOVE a fla... More »
Question to animal lovers???     01/03/2014
If it's covered and out of the wind then i think it'll probably be alright. ... More »
New Years Eve     01/03/2014
Happy New Year! I know I'm a bit late but this is the first internet access I've had. ... More »

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